Access Bars Class & Access Energetics Face Lift Class



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Access Bars release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions holding all the limitation in place in over lifetimes and in your body.

They delete all of the limiting points of views creating limitation, giving you access to your consciousness.

Having your Bars run creates greater ease for you and your body and clears the underlying thoughts, feelings and emotions that are limiting you.

Gifting and receiving Access Bars® is an incredibly nurturing and kind process for you and your body.



Facilitator Facebook : Miyuki Shintani

Date: 16th, Sat ,September

Fee: 300$ / 150$ (only retaking the course)

half the price (16&17 years old) / for free (under 15 years old) Registration & Contact :

More infomation : 「About access Bars」




The Access FaceliftTM has been used in salons, spas, private sessions, doctorʼs
offices, wellness centers and anti-aging clinics.

What clients have noticed after receiving a process:
・Lessening of lines and wrinkles
・Improved eyesight
・Firming and toning of facial muscles and overall skin
・Healing of and reversal of the scarring process
・Healthier skin and overall appearance

The energy permeates your whole body, inviting all of you to reclaim your
natural vitality.
And it gets better……..the energetic facelift is about much more than just looking
younger and better!
Facilitator Facebook : Miyuki Shintani  (Japanese/English)
Date: 17th, Sun, September   10:00~16:00
Fee: 200$ / 100$ (only 16&17 years old) / Free ( under 15 years old)
Registration & Contact :