Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Workshop

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Online registration for December 2, 2018 workshop

This Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Workshop is half lecture and half hands-on. Each theme explores a different aspect of the arts, culture, and history of tea ceremony.

Beginners welcome. Ages 15+. Participation fee: $33.08/$26.78 (NNMCC members). Please bring a pair of white socks. Do not wear jeans or miniskirts. Location: Nikkei Centre tatami room (second floor).

表千家 茶道ワークショップ 

様々なテーマと共に芸術や文化、歴史など異なる視点から楽しむ表千家 茶道ワークショプ。

参加費:$33.08 /$26.78 (会員)持ち物:白靴下(ジーンズ・ミニスカート不可)場所 :日系センター2F畳ルーム(15歳〜 / 初参加・未経験の方も大歓迎!!)*ワークショッップは英語での開催となります

Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, December 2, 1pm-4pm | 12月2日(日)午後1時~午後4時

Kuchikiri no Chaji – Opening the Tea Jar and Celebrating the New Year of Tea | 口切の茶事:新茶と茶人のお正月

November was traditionally the month when tea merchants delivered the first matcha of the year packed in ceramic storage jars to last the entire year. Tea households held special gatherings to ceremonially open those jars and grind and serve the fresh tea of the "new year" in a ceremony called "kuchikiri" (breaking the seal). The last workshop of the year will introduce the specifics of this Kuchikiri gathering and the process by which the matcha tea is processed and preserved. A slide lecture will be followed by tea and sweets in the tatami room.

11月は茶人の正月。新茶が入っている茶壷の封を切り、口切りの茶事で祝います。 本年度最後になる今回のワークショップではこの茶壺の封を切って新茶を挽いていただく「口切の茶事」をご紹介いたします。スライドレクチャーの後、タタミルームにてお抹茶とお菓子をいただきます。ご興味のある方、流儀や経験を問わず是非ご参加ください。


Past Workshops

Topic: Beyond Sen no Rikyu - A Look at Enshū-ryū and Other Non-Sen Family Styles of Tea Practice | 綺麗寂の世界:小堀遠州と千利休以降の茶道の流れ

Sunday, October 21, 1pm-4pm | 10月21日(日)午後1時~午後4時

In anticipation of the visit of Enshū Sadō Grand Master Kobori Sōjitsu and his public presentation in Vancouver (UBC) on October 26, the October tea workshop will look at the evolution of different styles/schools of tea tradition in Japan and their associated aesthetics, with a focus on Kobori Enshū and the Enshū School. As usual, the workshop will take the format of a slide lecture followed by tea and sweets in the tatami room.


Topic: Chabana: Flowers for Tea | 茶花と花寄せ

Sunday, June 17 • 1:00pm-4:00pm | 6月17日(日)午後1時~午後4時。

Topic: Who was Sen no Rikyu? - The life and legacy of Japan's most famous tea master | 千の利休:その生涯と伝承

Sunday, April 8 • 1:00pm-4:00pm | 4月8日(日)午後1時~午後4時。

Topic: Zen & Tea | 禅と茶の湯 
Sunday, May 7, 2017 • 1:00pm - 4:00pm | 5月7日(日)午後1時~午後4時。

Topic: Tea for the Peach Blossom Festival (Momo No Sekku) | 桃の節句
Sunday, February 28, 2016 • 1:00pm-4:00pm | 2月28日(日)午後1時~午後4時。