Famous Chef’s Cooking Class: 1st Class

Fee: $50, $45 (Members), $5 for a glass of wine (option)

Registration: 604.777.7000 / info@nikkeiplace.org  (Office closed Sunday & Monday)

1st Class: Sunday, October 5th, 1-3pm

Instructor: Takeshi Hasegawa from Guu Izakaya

How to make and how to use YUZU flavored sour soy sauce (PONZU)
How to make YUZU Flavored sour soy sauce (Ponzu)
– Vegetable pickles with Ponzu
– Salad Dressing with Ponzu
– Marinated chicken and Halibut with Ponzu

Easy Japanese style whole Lobster cooking
– How to make Lobster SASHIMI
– Easy to make Grilled Lobster with MISO MAYO

Easy to make Original Flavored Ice Cream
– YUZU SAKE Ice Cream
– Ginger Ice Cream

takeshi hasegawa guu

Born in Nagoya, 1977. He has enjoyed cooking since childhood when his mother taught him how to cook. He had a part-time job at an Izakaya when he was 16, and learned how to make Japanese food at a local Japanese-style restaurant when he was 19. At 24, he came to Canada via a working holiday. He decided to move away while working as a sushi chef. He eventually moved to Vacouver.
He is currently a product manager at Kitanoya Guu’s headquarters. He has previously worked as a head chef, a manager at Kitanoya Guu Vancouver, and a manager of marketing at the Chinese branch of Kitanoya Guu. He develops the menu and new products.


第1回クラス: 10月5日(日)午後1時から3時
北の家 Guu長谷川 豪

– ポン酢で簡単つけもの
– ポン酢で簡単ドレッシング
– ポン酢のチキン焼きとハリバットカマ幽庵焼き

– ロブスターの霜降り造り
– ロブスターのネギ味噌マヨ焼き

– ゆず酒カスアイス
– ジンジャーアイス


1977年生まれ。名古屋出身。幼い頃から料理が好きで、母の横に立ち料理を覚える。16歳の時にアルバイトで居酒屋で働き、 19歳の時に地元の日本食料理店で和食の勉強をする。24歳の時にワーキングホリデーにてカナダに来る。寿司職人として働きながら、 移住を決意。移民後バンクーバーに移動。北の家マーケティングGuu各店舗でヘッドシェフ、マネージャー、中国支店担当を歴任後、現在は本部にて商品部部長。メニュー開発や新商品発掘などを手がける。