Famous Chef’s Cooking Class: 2nd Class

2nd Class: Sunday, November 2nd, 1 to 3pm
Instructor: Masahito Iwamoto from Zakkushi


Masa Iwamoto_Zakkushi

Born in Nagoya, 1975. At twenty-two, he came to Canada, where he graduated from Dubrulle International Culinary Arts (presently The Art Institute of Vancouver). He went to Singapore in 2000 and opened four restaurants. At twenty-six, he also became an executive chef of the group’s Singaporean and Indonesian regions as head chef of EN Japanese Dining Bar, a restaurant specializing in Okinawan and original dishes. He returned to Canada in 2007, and is currently an executive chef and a general manager of five restaurants in the Vancouver-based Zakkushi group, which includes yakitori, sushi, and ramen business in Vancouver and Toronto. He utilizes his culinary experience in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan to create Japanese fusion food. He caters to the season, makes reasonably priced dishes using local ingredients, and provides a relaxing restaurant environment.zakkushilogo


Matsutake (Pine Mushroom) and Spinach salad dressed with Tofu
Japanese style Ceviche of Salmon and Celery
Grilled Mackerel with herb and garlic
Grilled Chicken with Yuzu pepper
Pan fried Udon with Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and Kimchi in Zakkushi style



岩本 優仁「ざっ串グループ総料理長」
1975年名古屋市に生まれ、22歳で初来加し、Dubrulle International Culinary Arts(現The Art Institute of Vancouver)卒業。2000年シンガポールへ渡航し、26歳で創作料理と沖縄料理の店、EN Japanese Dining Barの料理長を経て、同地4店舗の立ち上に携わり、グループ内シンガポール・インドネシア地区総料理長となる。2007年に再来加し、現在バンクーバー・トロントで焼き鳥・寿司・ラーメン事業を店舗展開する、ざっ串グループ5店舗の総料理長兼バンクーバー地区GMを勤める。シンガポール・タイ・香港などのアジアでの経験を元に和食を軸とした無国籍料理を得意とする。季節感を大切にし、地元の素材を使った料理を手ごろな価格で提供することを心がけ、安心して利用できるお店作りを目指している。