Ji Hong Taichi Class

Master Richard Omura

Regular Class from September 2017

Yang Style Mondays, 7-8pm, Sep 11 – Dec 4
Chen Style 2 Fridays, 7-8pm, Sep 8 – Dec 1
Chen Style 1 Fridays, 8-9pm, Sep 8 – Dec 1

General :
 $90 + 5% Facility Fee + 5% GST

Members : $76.50 + 5% GST
Drop-in General : $10+ 5% Facility Fee + 5% GST
Drop-in Member : $8.50+ 5% GST

NOTE TO PATRONS: Effective May 1, 2015, patrons of NNMCC-operated programs have the option of purchasing a Membership to enjoy a 15% year-round discount on program fees, or paying a mandatory 5% FACILITY ENHANCEMENT FEE for each registered program. Thank you for your support of Nikkei Centre.

Registration: 604.777.7000 / info@nikkeiplace.org

Ji Hong Tai Chi originated in ancient China. It is both an effective martial art and healthy exercise system, deeply rooted in Chinese tradition and philosophy.
Tai Chi is practiced and enjoyed worldwide with increasing popularity, primarily for health, exercise, relaxation and self-defense.
Tai Chi’s movements provide a great mind/body connection and workout, with practitioners experiencing many benefits: stress management, improved balance, flexibility, leg strength, and strengthened respiratory and immune function, to name a few.

For more information, please visit www.jihongtaichibc.com, or call 604.365.3355.