Please join Kodomo Mikoshi!

Let’s join our Kodomo Mikoshi!


Date: Sep 2, 2017   12:00PM 

Location: Nikkei Center

Decorating and carrying

Japanese traditional “Mikoshi.”

Application Deadline May 31, 2017


Now, we are looking for participants of “Kodomo Mikoshi” event that children decorate “Mikoshi,” which is a traditional shrine in advance, wear Japanese traditional clothes called “Happi,” and carry it on their shoulders. It is a really good opportunity to be exposed to traditional Japanese culture. Please feel free to join us and enjoy Nikkei Matsuri !! Please email/fax us your application form to apply. 

(*Under 10, a child needs to be accompanied by a guardian.)



Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre Matsuri Team


FAX: 604.777.7001English ver. こども神輿 チラシ


Application form

Japanese ver