Kogin Zashi Workshop

Saturday, August 19, 2017

koginInstructor: Hitomi Harama

Kogin zashi embroidery was devised by farming women in Aomori prefecture, Japan. Its history goes back 300 years to a time when the class system disallowed farmers from wearing cotton. While wearing coarse and frayed linen, kogin-zashi embroidery helped increase insulation and reinforce the clothing they wore.

When cotton bans were lifted in the Meiji period, women from farming families began to compete over the beauty of their hand embroidered designs. Kogin-zashi eventually came to be used for decorative attire, not just working clothes. Today, a wide variety of colours are used insted of relying only on traditional indigo and white. High quality is still maintained and traditional techniques are stlll valued.


Participants will learn Kogin Zashi embroidery by making a pin cushion to take home.

Fee $35 including tax. All supplies are included.

Class size limited to 25 participants.

a. purchase online through Eventbrite
b. call or email to make a reservation and pay in person at museum gift shop  – eisomura.nikkeiplace@gmail.com | 604.777.7000 ext.113 (Erica)