My Hometown, My Furusato

By Chuck Tasaka

Chuck T - book coverGreenwood and Midway experienced a revival when WW II broke out. Franciscan Sisters and Friars on Powell Street and in Steveston with the help of Bishop Martin Johnson in Nelson,B.C. found Greenwood. Mayor W.E. McArthur Sr. was willing to accept the Japanese who were in the process of being removed from the coast under the War Measures Act. Thus, Greenwood became the first internment center in B.C. When the Kaslo Internment Camp closed, about a dozen families were relocated to Midway and some to Greenwood. Stories of their journey to Greenwood and Midway are told by the Nikkei families.

In this book, there is a very good cross-section of families involved in ranching, of owning a sawmill,labouring in the smelter, and running small enterprises. It’s a story of everyday people and their struggles.

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