Naomi’s Road

By Joy Kogawa

Based on her award-winning adult novel, Obasan, Joy Kogawa’s Naomi’s Road takes younger readers on a remarkable journey into the life and times of six-year-old Naomi Nakane as she grows up in the shadow of one of the darkest moments in Canadian history. As Japan entered the Second World War on the side of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, thousands of Canadians of Japanese ancestry found their lives torn apart. Their property and belongings seized by the Canadian government, they were forced from their homes and put into internment camps, and later moved to disparate parts of Canada far away from other family members and friends. It is a story that Kogawa knows well–she herself was a child like Naomi who survived the humiliation and brutality that was shown to Japanese Canadians, and she poignantly relives her own childhood experiences as she takes us into Naomi’s world. Through Naomi’s eyes, we witness the terrible prejudice that faced Japanese Canadians and the wrenching pain of being displaced again and again. Kogawa is to be particularly commended for giving voice to the sense of confusion as Naomi watches her world come apart, never really understanding why these terrible things are happening. But Naomi’s Road is also a novel about the importance of family, the power of friendship, and the possibility of finding light even in moments of darkness.

Softcover  $9.95