Nikkei Family History workshop

Thursday, September 27, 7-9pm

Admission: $10

Information & registration (required): 604.777.7000 ext.109 | jcnm[@]

Ted Ohashi, an educator and co-author of “Tasaka” and Linda Kawamoto Reid, Assistant Archivist at the Museum, will present a workshop answering the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about writing and researching Nikkei family history.  Workshop will be limited to 25 participants.

Linda Kawamoto Reid, Family History Research FAQ:

  • Why are my relatives shy about talking about family history?
  • Where does one find information about immigrant ancestors to Canada?
  • How does one go about getting information about the property that was confiscated during WWII?
  • Are there sources of information specifically for Nikkei history?
  • What is a Koseki and how can I get one?

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