Martial Gym (E)


Instructor: Mario Lam 


Beginners 2:
Early Class 3:40pm-4:40pm
$40 + GST/month
For ages 6-8 with experience. Emphasis on tumbling, other body skills. Kids must be relatively strong and coordinated already.

Young Achievers:
$40 + GST /month
For ages 7-11 with experience. Being older and stronger, participants will learn gymnastics skills and apparatus at a relatively fast pace.

Martial Arts for Youths(10-14):
$40 + GST /month or $30 if already enrolled in other Martial Gym classes (HST included)
High energy and fun class for youth and teens with an emphasis on martial arts.

Martial Arts for Adults:(15 +):
$45 + GST /month
Classes offer high intensity physical workout and intellectual stimulation.  Covers effective body mechanics, mindset, skills and self defense tactics.


Early Afternoon Class  3:30pm-4:45pm
(Ages:7+ and beginners):
Late Afternoon Class 4:45pm-6pm

Registration & Information:
604.435.8175 (Mario Lam)
(Membership to Gymnastics Federation required for any of the classes.)



Martial Gym is a year-round program for boys and girls starting from 5 years old up to adult. The program starts in the fall and ends with a season end performance in June.

Children love Martial Gym classes because they are fun and they learn lots of cool moves. Classes bring diversity from gymnastics and the practicality of martial arts into its programs. Children learn different rolls, jumps, obstacles, handstands, cartwheels, skipping and a wealth of other movement patterns so they run and react faster, have better control over their bodies than typical at their age. In Martial Gym, children do not just follow instructions but are encouraged to understand, be inquisitive, participate and be creative within a structured framework.

Teenagers and adults enjoy the martial arts class because they not only exercise the body but also challenge them at an intellectual level.