Volume 08 – 2003

Volume 8, No.1, Spring 2003

  • p. 1  “Pioneer Issei: Tomekichi Homma’s Fight for the Franchise” by Andrea Geiger-Adams
  • p. 6  “Tomekichi Homma” by Yoshimaru Abe
  • p. 8  “Personal Recollections of Tomekichi Homma” by Keiko Tenney-Sean Homma
  • p. 9  “Recent Archives of Acquisitions at JCNM” by Tim Savage
  • p. 10  “I Was Not a Good Detective” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 11  “Book Review – Japanese Community in Mission” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 12  “Sources of Historical and Genealogical Information in Japan” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 13  “Steve Turnbull Appointed Manager Curator of JCNM”
  • p. 15  “Ties to the EMPRESS” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 16  “A Call for Pre-War Oshogatsu Celebration Stories

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Volume 8, No.2, Summer 2003

  • p. 1  “A Valuable Addition to the Japanese Canadian Museum Archives” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 2  “Jitaro Charles Tanaka and Sumilo Suga Tanaka Collection” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 4  “My Training on the Koto” by Sho-ko-to Kobayashi Teresa
  • p. 5  “Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group” by Akemi Komori
  • p. 6  “Nishikawa Dance Group” by Tamae Oishi
  • p. 7  “An Inventory of Steveston Judo Club Photographs” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Haruo Hirata
  • p. 8  “Resources on Internment” by Masako Fukawa
  • p. 9  “A Legacy of Stories: Storytelling in My Life” by Yukiko Tosa
  • p.10  “JCNM Manager/Curator’s Report” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 11  “Addendum to JCNM President’s Report 2001-2002″ by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 12  “Museum Formally Merges with NNHCS” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 13  “Review – NFB Documentary, Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story” by Liz Nunoda
  • p. 13  “Museum Celebrates Successful Event” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 14  “Review – SUTEBUSUTON: A Japanese Village on the British Columbia Coast” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 15  “Kinzie Tanaka, Political Activist, Excerpts from a Memoir” by Yon Shimizu
  • p. 18  “Unlucky Sugar Beet Workers” by Yoshiaki Matsumoto

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Volume 8, No.3 Autumn 2003

  • p. 1  “Madam Butterfly, Margaret Harumi Iwasaki Peters” by Lynne Reiko Gardiner
  • p. 5  “Carl Ogawa, Olympic Silver Medalist” by David G. Ogawa
  • p. 7  “Olympic Dreams” by Alan Sakai
  • p. 10  “Toshio Uyede’s Reminisces of the Victoria Judo Club” by Yoshio Shimizu
  • p. 11  “Remembering the Vancouver Asahi”by Frank Moritsugu
  • p. 14  “Kamloops Nisei Baseball Team” by Ken Kochi
  • p. 14  “High Boat Trophy” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Larry Maekawa
  • p. 15  “Ozawa Hotel” by Toshio Uyede
  • p. 16  “Tatsumi Dance Group’s Trip to Lethbridge” by Dawn Yoneda and Corey Matsuo
  • p. 17  “A Christmas Eve Miracle: Strange but True” by Toshio Uyede
  • p. 18  “JCNM at the Powell Street Festival, 2003″ by Elmer Morishita
  • p. 19  “Report from the JCNM” by Steve Turnbull, Manager Curator
  • p. 20  “Message from the President, Fred Yada”

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Volume 8, No.4  Winter 2003

  • p. 1  “Haru Moriyama’s Reminiscences of Oshogatsu in Mission” by Fumi Tamagi
  • p. 4  “New Year Celebrations in the Thirties” by Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 5  “Shogatsu Celebrations in Tokyo During the 1930s” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 6  “The Japanese Sword Collection of Yoshimaru Abe” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 8  “Ethnic Expectations” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 9  “Friends of East Lillooet Reunion” by Dr. Aki Horii
  • p. 10  “Steveston Buddhist Temple 75th Anniversary Celebration” by Larry Ryan and Kiyo Domai
  • p. 12  “Mission Long Overdue” by Dr. Jim Shiro Hasegawa
  • p. 13  “Nikkei Week 2003 Summary” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 16  “JCNM Manager/Curator’s Report” by Steve Turnbull
  • p. 17  “My Dad and the Canadian Fishing Company” by Roger Kamikura
  • p. 18  “Shining Light” by Carl Yokota (re Japanese Canadian War Memorial)
  • p. 20  “Victoria Japanese Community at April 22, 1942″ by Toshio Uyede

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