Volume 10 – 2005

Vol. 10, No. 1 Spring 2005

  • pp. 1-3 “For the Love of the Game” by Carl Yokoto [re: Kristy Odamura, softball star]
  • p. 3 “Nikkei Logging Site Tour” notice
  • pp. 4-7 “Textile Artist: Yvonne Wakabayshi” by Lesley Richmond
  • pp. 7-8 “About Mr. Osamu Kasahara” by Alice Takaki
  • pp. 8-14 “Masao and Fumie Hayashi (Part 2) by Patsy Kikumi Kikegawa
  • p. 15 “Nikkei Thoughts on Writing” by Craig Takeuchi
  • pp. 15-16 “Shashin: Japanese Canadian Studio Photography to 1942” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • pp. 16-17 “Shashin: Japanese Canadian Studio Photography to 1942” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • pp. 17-19 “Shuichi Kusaka: 1915-1947” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 19-20 “The Chinese Canadian Historical Society (CCHS) is Formed” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 20-21 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report for Spring 2005” by Tim Savage
  • p. 21 “Thomas Kunito Shoyama Receives Another Honour” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • pp. 21-23 “In the News – Sampling the Archival Treasure Trove” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 23 “Asahi Exhibition Receives Gifts from Sponsors”
  • p. 24 Events: “Jan-Ken-Pon! Family Games Day” JCNM Lecture Series: “Nikkei Landscapes – Nikkei Design,” “50th Anniversary of the Steveston Judo Club,” “Twenty-seven Years with Japanese Immigrants in Amazonia”
  • p. 24 Memberships

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Vol.10, No.2 Summer 2005

  • p. 1  “The Call of the Amazon” by Anne McVety (Uchida)
  • p. 5  “The Koyama Home and Four Lanterns” by Nan Capogna
  • p. 8 “Shirley Takako Inouye – Ocean Inspired Artist” by Tamaka Fisher
  • p. 9  “Dr. John Stanley (Stan) Rowe (1918-2004)” by Wakako Ishikawa
  • p. 12 ” The Thomas K. Shoyama Papers at Library and Archives Canada” by Yuri Shimpo
  • p. 13  “The Little Town That Did: The People of Chemainus and the Japanese” by Kay Minami and translated by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 15  “Glencoe Sugar Beet Camp, May 29th – November 12th, 1942″ by Yon Shimizu
  • p. 20  “The SUIAN MARU Centennial Celebration” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 21  “Kushiro Sister City Delegation to Burnaby” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 21  “Worth a Thousand Words” by Reiko Tagami
  • p. 23  “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report” by Tim Savage
  • p. 23  “Request for Information” from Marilyn Robb

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Vol. 10, No. 3 Autumn 2005

  • pp. 1-2 “Zennosuke Inouye: Canadian Veteran” by Peter Neary
  • p. 2 “Japanese Canadian Veterans and War Memorial in Stanley Park”
  • p. 3 “Unveil Japanese Memorial Today” Vancouver Sun, April 9,1920, with permission
  • pp. 3-5 “Unveil Shaft to Japanese Soldiers” Vancouver Daily Province, April 9, 1920, with permission
  • p. 5 “Monument to Japanese Canadian Volunteers Serving in Great European War” summarized from Tairiku Nippo, April 9, 1920
  • pp. 5-7 “Lest We Forget: A Dedication to Commemorate the Re-lighting of the War Memorial to Japanese Canadian Soldiers of World War I, Aug. 2, 1985” by Tamio Wakayama
  • pp. 8-11 “Yoshizo and Alice Myra Takeuchi” by Mitsuo Yesaki [re: a WW1 vet fisherman, non-JC wife]
  • pp. 12-13 “Thoughts on the Canadian Japanese Volunteer Corps” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 13-15 “Fred Kagawa’s War: Etobicoke Veteran Served Country and King with Psychological Operations” by Gregory Wowchuk and Katharine Williams
  • pp. 15-16 “Upcoming NNMHC Events” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 16-17 “Japanese Canadian National Museum – Fall 2005 Report” by Tim Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “NNMHC Role in the Kushiro 40th Anniversary Visit” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 18 “Book Review: Tasaka” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 19-21 “Tamaka Fisher: Life artist” by Juan Pablo Sandoval
  • p. 21 “Photos of Stan Rowe”
  • p. 22 “NNMHC Annual General Meeting, 2005”
  • pp. 22-24 “Sutanree Koen no Kanada Giyuhei Kinin-hi” Article in Japanese on JC War Memorial, Stanley Park
  • p. 24 Membership

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Vol. 10, No. 4 Winter 2005

  • pp. 1-5 “The Story of Tagami Bros., Lumber” by Tom I. Tagami
  • pp. 6-7 “A Search for Kilns in Japan” by Jackson Hirota
  • pp. 8-11 “Masako Hori: Creating an Awareness of Traditional Japanese Art Forms” by Nancy Berke and Grace Morissette
  • pp. 11-14 “The Saito Berry Legacy” by Michael Saito
  • pp. 14-16 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Winter 2005” by Timothy Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “Peter Shoji Yamauchi” by Stan Fukawa [re: a WW II vet]
  • p. 18 “Lest We Forget” from Remembrance Day Ceremony at Stanley Park, Nov. 11, 1992
  • pp. 19-20 “Artifacts from Early 20th C. Nikkei Logging Camps in North Vancouver” by Bob Muckle
  • pp. 21 “Nikkei Logging on the North Shore” by Carl Yokota
  • pp. 22-23 “Lumber Industry Material from the Museum Collection” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 23-24 “Higashi Mikio shi no Zuihitsu to Takenaka-san” (in Japanese) by Sakuya Nishimura [re: Guitarist Mikio Higashi visits in search of his Canadian roots: grandfather was Z. Higashi, Anglican missionary in Pt. Essington, father was Peter Higashi, first editor, New Canadian] English version Winter 2006
  • p. 24 Memberships

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