Volume 11 – 2006

Vol. 11, No. 1 Spring 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “A Journal Comes of Age: a decade of Nikkei Images” by Michael C. Wilson
  • pp. 3-5 “Reminiscing about the Steveston Japanese Language School and Moncton Street” by Miyo Saito
  • pp. 5-7 “Steveston Japanese School” by Harold Steves
  • pp. 7-9 “Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall” by Francis Motohisa Niiro
  • pp. 9-12 “From ‘Bridge Across the Pacific’ to ‘Global Citizen’: Japanese as a Heritage Language in Canada” by Hiroko Noro, Ph.D.
  • pp. 12-13 “Osaka Science Centre Hosts Kusaka Symposium” by Victor Kusaka
  • pp. 13-17 “Journey as an Artist” by Joyce Kamikura
  • pp. 17-18 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Spring 2006” by Timothy Savage
  • pp. 18-23 “Yoshio Johnny Makokoro (Part 1)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 24-24 “Gordon Ryo Kadota Awarded Order of Rising Sun” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 24-25 “Valuing Our Heritage: It’s Your Choice” by Reiko Egami [re: items in Museum collection]
  • p. 25 “Suian Maru Centennial Update” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 26-28 Botched Japanese language article – software problems. Reprinted in Autumn 2006 issue. “Kami ga watashi o Nihon ni tsukawasareta” by Ikuye Uchida. In English, Summer 2004.
  • p. 28 Membership

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Vol. 11, No. 2 Summer 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “Oikawa Nappa – a Nikkei Heritage Spring Vegetable” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 3-4 “Japanese Canadian National Museum and Its Origins” by Frank Hanano
  • pp. 4-5 “Japanese Canadian History Preservation Committee, 1984-1988” by Dan Tokawa
  • pp. 5-6 “A Heartwarming Story About Searching Family Roots” by Stan Fukawa [re: Japanese searching Canadian roots]
  • pp. 6-9 “Beaconsfield Book of the Month Meeting: a talk with Dr. James Hasegawa”
  • pp. 10-16 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 2)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 16-17 “Japanese Canadian National Museum Report – Summer 2005” by Tim Savage
  • pp. 17-18 “The Naming of Minoru Park in Richmond, BC” by Jack Lowe
  • p. 18 “’Images of Internment’ Exhibition Opening” by Frank Kamiya
  • pp. 19-21 “Senji Nakamura” by Sakuya Nishimura [re: Japanese youth in Canada 1906-1910]
  • pp. 21-24 “Yama Sen no Bankuba Jidai” by Sakuya Nishimura [Japanese version of previous article]
  • p. 24 Memberships

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Vol. 11, No. 3 Autumn 2006

  • pp. 1-2 “Portland Japanese Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • pp. 3-4 “The Japanese Garden at Dinner Bay, Mayne Island” by Alan Cheek
  • pp. 4-5 “Seattle Japanese Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • pp. 5-6 “Maestro Derrick Inouye” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 6-12 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 1)” by Dennis Madokoro [mistaken repeat from Spring 2006]
  • pp. 12-19 “Post-War Japanese Immigrants and their involvement in the Community” by Tatsuo Kage
  • pp. 20-25 “Remembrances of New Denver, 1942-1946” by Roy Yasui [re: first winter in a tent]
  • pp. 25-27 “My Dual Affiliations with Japan and Canada” by Miho T. Steinberg
  • pp. 27-28 “Oikawa Collection and Suian Maru Descend-ents Return to the Fraser” by Reiko Tagami
  • pp. 29-30 “Masao (Mas) Kawanami 1923-2005” by Roy Kawamoto
  • P 30 “Report on the Annual General Meetinf of the National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre” by Cathy Makihara
  • pp. 30-32 “Japanese Familis on Annacis, Don and Lion Islands and Queensborough” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 32-36 “Kami ga watashi o Nihon ni tsukasasreta” by Ikuye Uchida [English version, spring 2006]
  • p. 36 Memberships

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Vol. 11, No. 4 Winter 2006

  • pp. 1-3 “Mr. Nishikaze’s Rock Garden: an Obsession” by Henry Shimizu [re: a New Denver garden]
  • pp. 3-5 “A Legacy of Teaching” by Patricia Tanaka
  • p. 5 “Greg Miyanaga, a Master Teacher” by Masako Fukawa
  • pp. 6-11 “Yoshio Johnny Madokoro (Part 3)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • pp. 11-13 “Ian Alistair Mackenzie” by Mary Taylor
  • pp. 13-14 “A Book Review of ‘A Black Mark’” by Margaret Lyons (nee Inouye)
  • pp. 14-16 “Seattle’s Nihonmachi Past Found at the Panama Hotel” by Carl Yokota
  • pp. 16-17 “Fraser River Shad” by Terry Slack and Mitsuo Yesaki
  • pp. 18-20 “My History of Ochazuke” by Shane Foster
  • pp. 21-22 “35 Year History of the Gladstone Nippongo Gakuen and Japanese Language Education in BC” by Yoko Murakami
  • pp. 22-24 “Remembering Oikawa Jima and Sato Jima, BC” by Stan Fukawa
  • pp. 24-25 “Japanese Canadian National Museum – Fall/Summer 2006 Highlights by Tim Savage
  • pp. 25-26 “Mrs. Takenaka and the Writings of Mikio Higashi” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 26 “Many Thanks to Suian Maru Supporters, Donors”
  • pp. 27-28 “Kanbarando” in Japanese by Sakuya Nishimura summary history of Japanese in Cumberland from 1892 to 1940.
  • p. 28 Memberships

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