Volume 12 – 2007

Volume 12, No.1, Spring 2007

  • p. 1  “Thomas Kunito Shoyama: My Mentor, My Friend” by Dr. Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 5  “National Treasure Lost, Nikkei Community Loses Inspirational Leader” by Robert Banno
  • p. 5  “Message to the Students” by Thomas Shoyama, 1944
  • p. 6  “Why I Am Buying Victory Bonds” by Thomas Shoyama, 1943
  • p. 6  “So This Was Our Domination”  by Thomas Shoyama, 1943
  • p. 7  “The Paradox of the Vancouver Riot of 1907″ by Dr. Patricia Roy
  • p. 10  “Powell Street Riot” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 12  “Perspectives on the 1907 Riots” by Woan-Jen Wang
  • p. 15  “Kozo Kitagawa and the Omiya Shoten and Tad’s Sporting Goods” by Mitsuo Yesaki and Tad Kitagawa
  • p. 19  “Hapa Animator a Voice for the Future” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 20  “Japanese Canadian National Museum: Winter 2006 Highlights” by Tim Savage
  • p. 21  “Nitobe Memorial Garden” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 22  “February 2007 Nikkei Place Update” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 23  “Kenzo Mori” by Sakuya Nishimura
  • p. 23  バンクーバー暴動

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Volume 12, No.2, Summer 2007

  • p.1  “Tosh Mukaida: A man of Convictions” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.3  “Potato Kings, the Fujimoto Clones” by Terry Fujimoto
  • p.6  “Support your Museum with a Gift or Bequest”
  • p.7  “A Tribute to Sakuya Nishimura” by Tim Savage
  • p.8  “Norm Takeuchi’s Banners Grace Vancouver Streets” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.9  “Nikkei Fishermen’s Project Two-Volume History Coming Soon”
  • p.10  “Organizing the 2007 Anniversaries of Change” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.11  “Always” reviewed by Dale Banno
  • p.13  “Profile of Chef Daryle Ryo Nagata” by Christine Kondo
  • p.14  “June 2007 Nikkei Place Update”
  • p.15  “Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto)” by Dennis Madokoro
  • p.19  “Things to Remember When Visiting North America’s Japanese Gardens” by Edzard Teubert
  • p.21  “Remembering Jack Duggan”
  • p.23  “2007 Obon Tour of Vancouver Island”

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Volume 12, No.3, Autumn 2007

  • p.1 Alisa Noda(1956 – 2007)
  • p.2 A Celebration of Life – Alisa Noda by Gordon Kadota, Director, NNMHC
  • p.3 Gobo – A Japanese Canadian Heirloom Vegetable by Christine Kondo
  • p.4 What’s New and Different for Fall 2007 by Cathy Makihara, CEO
  • p.4 Matsutake Dreaming
  • p.7 Nikkei War Veterans: Ryoichi and Yutaka Kobayashi by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.10 The Memorial on Vimy Ridge by Roy Kawamoto
  • p.11 My Time in Tokyo by Alyssa Vallente
  • p.12 Anniversary 07 – Remembering the Asian History og WC Canada by Stan Fukawa
  • p.13 Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto)(Part II) by Dennis Madokoro
  • p.17 A Friend indeed – Memories of Jack Duggan by Reiko Tagami, Assistant Archivist, Japanese Canadian National Museum
  • p.19 Japanese Fisherman’s Hospital Office and Nurses’ Residence
  • p.21 “The Burmese Harp” and “Fire on the Plains” by Dale Banno
  • p.22 Traditional Remedies by Mary Ohara
  • p.23 “My Life So Far” by Eileen Hirota
  • p.27 ノース・バンクーバー日系伐採キャンプについて by Bob Machle

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Volume 12, No.4, Winter 2007

  • p. 1  “John Endo Greenaway Honoured by NAAAP”
  • p. 1  “Remembering George Oikawa” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 1  “Mits Hiyashi Honoured by Japanese Foreign Ministry” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 5  “George Oikawa: Words of Remembrance” by Elmer Morishita
  • p. 7  “A Pastor from Steveston, Eddie Sensei”  by Eddie Yoshida
  • p. 10  “History of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple” by Robert S. Akune
  • p. 12  “Hamilton Japanese United Church” by Eiko Hosaka
  • p. 14  “The Sept. 1907 Riot and Gentlemen’s Agreement” by Michiko Midge Ayukawa
  • p. 16  “Mary Miki Madokoro (nee Kimoto) Part III” by Dennis Madokoro
  • p. 22  “Nikkei Place Update” by Cathy Makihara
  • p. 23  “The Way of Tea” by Karen Duffield
  • p. 25  “Osake: One Man’s Vision” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 27  “カルタの歴史-西村咲弥著 (The History of Karuta)” by Sakuya Nishimura

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