Volume 13 – 2008

Volume 13, No.1  Spring 2008

  • p1. Issei Volunteer Soldiers of the First World War by kaya Kishibe
  • p6. My Life as an Immigrant, Artist and Gallery Owner by Motoko
  • p10. Ben Akira Iwasaki: How to Live to be Over One Hundred by Lynne R. Gardiner
  • p16. Travis Murao: A Profile in Courage by Kim Kobrle
  • p19. Heritage on the Rocks: Nori-Tori on the West Coast by Ann – Lee Switzer
  • p23. Lemon Creek Reunion – Toronto 2007 by Leslie Komori
  • p26. Nikkei Fishermen Biographies and Photos Volume Launched by Stan Fukawa
  • p27. Nikkei Place Update – February 2008 by Cathy Makihara

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Volume 13, No.2  Summer 2008

  • p. 1  “Kaslo Museum Exhibit Honours Wartime Nikkei Journalists” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 3  “The Cork Mill” by Doreen Montgomery Braverman
  • p. 5  “The Box” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 6  “Jujiro Wada – Dog-Musher under the Northern Lights” by Lillian Nakamura Maguire
  • p. 8  “Three Films by Hirokazu Kore-eda” by Rhys Davies, QC
  • p. 11  “Artisan Sakemaker Celebrates First Year Anniversary” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 12  “Memories of BC’s Soft Fruits” by Margaret Lyons
  • p.  13  “The Vancouver Junior Go Association” by Paul Fulford
  • p. 14  “Family History Series No.9: Nikkei Fisherman Tohachiro “Toki” Kondo” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 19  “JCNM and UBC Press Launch Two New Books”
  • p. 20  “The Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship” by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p. 21  “Traditional Remedies, Part 2″ by Mary Ohara
  • p. 21  “An Umeboshi a Day…” by Christine Kondo
  • p. 21  “Medicinal Umeboshi” by Shizuko Mikurube
  • p. 22  “32nd Annual Powell Street Festival”
  • p. 23 “Redress 20th Anniversary Celebrations”
  • p. 23  “The Life of Paper; JCNM Exhibit”
  • p.24  “Otakara Hakkutsu – a Big Success” by Carl Yokota

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Volume 13, No.3  Fall 2008

  • p. 1  “The River Garage” by Theodore T. Hirota
  • p. 3  “20th Anniversary of Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement – Let’s Celebrate Together” by Grace Eiko Thomson
  • p. 4  “Giri and Ninjo: Reflections on Redress” by Terry Watada
  • p. 10  “Mithlkum Belis: Nisga’a’s Shining Star” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 14  “1897 Constitution of the Steveston Fishermen’s Dantai” translated with comments by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 16  “The Hope Friendship Garden: A Memorial” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 17  “Wild Birds” exhibit
  • p. 18  “The Reality of Nikka Yuko” by Robert Hironaka
  • p. 20  “Harbour Publishing Announces Second Book on Nikkei Fishermen”
  • p. 20  “JCNM and Nikkei Place Highlights”
  • p. 21  “Watari Dori – Capturing the Redress Spirit” by Carl Yokota
  • p. 21  “A Family Affair” by Maiko Bae Yamamoto

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Volume 13, No.4, Winter 2008

  • p. 1  “Messages from Cathy Makihara, Craig Ngai Natsuhara and Miko Hoffman”
  • p. 3  “Board of Directors of the National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre”
  • p. 3  “2nd Annual NAAAP Spotlight on Leadership Honours Harry Aoki” by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 4.  “Book Review: Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada 1891-1941 (Michiko Midge Ayukawa)” reviewed by William McMichael
  • p. 6  “Artist/Craftsman Series No.13: Dreams, Reflections and Flight” by Naoko Takenouchi
  • p. 9  “Redress – 20 Years Later” by Art Miki
  • p. 10  “Satoshi (Sally) Nakamura (1908-1992)” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p. 12  “The Journey to Find My Father’s Resting Site in Japan” by Ken Kiyoshi Endo
  • p. 16  “Greenwood, Midway, Grand Forks and Christina Lake Reunion, June 29th, 2008″ by Carol Sogawa
  • p. 17  “Family History Series No.9: A Story of a Berry Farming Family” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p. 22  “Book Review: Wild Birds (Donna Yoshitake Wuest) reviewed by Edzard Teubert
  • p. 23  “野鳥 (Wild Birds)” by Sakura Nishimura – in Japanese

Download complete issue: Volume 13 No. 4 (PDF)