Volume 14 – 2009

Volume 14, no.1, Spring 2009

  • p1. Susumu ‘Sus’ Tabata by Susanne Tabata
  • p5. The Japanese Fishing Community of Ucluele Pre-1942 by Larry Mackawa
  • p8. Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet BC’s Japanese Canadian Fisherman
  • p9.  Order of Canada Receipients in the Nikkei Community by Carl Yokota
  • p10. Dantai Constitution, 1900 translated by Stan Fukawa
  • p15. Nikkei Group Formed in Yukon by Fumi Torigai
  • p15. Wada Mysteries Uncoverd in Yukon by Lillian Nakamura Maguire
  • p16. 解明される和田重次郎の謎、ユーコン (リリアン中村マグワイアー)
  • p17. チゴ畑の家の話
  • p22. ブック・レビュー”日系人の経験と国際移動”

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Volume 14, no.2, Summer 2009

  • p.1  “New Museum Director-Curator: Beth Carter” by Miko Hoffman
  • p.2  “Report from Beth Carter”
  • p. 2  “A Review of Obachan’s Garden” by Rhys Davies
  • p. 4  “Ucluelet Fishermen’s Coop Constitution (Yuukuretto Gyogyo Kaisha Kiyaku)” translated by Stan Fukawa
  • p. 11  “National Association of Japanese Canadians Endowment Fund Recipients”
  • p. 11  “Report from the Executive Director” by Miko Hoffman
  • p.13  “Hapa – the New Face of the Japanese Canadian Community” by Christine Kondo
  • p.15  “Making Two Good Books – Nikkei Fishermen” by Paul Kariya
  • p.16  “The Tasaka Family History” by Ted Ohashi and Yvonne Wakabayashi
  • p.22  “Nikkei Place Volunteer Appreciation BBQ” by Carl Yokota
  • p23. サンドン 西村咲弥訳

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Volume 14, no.3, Winter 2009

  • p.2  “Koichiro Sanmiya at the Hollow Tree 1920″ by Laura Hough
  • p.3  “Discovering the Collections” by Beth Carter
  • p. 3  “Twice Was Nice: A Royal Japanese Experience” by Carl Yokota
  • p.8  “Classic WW II Recipe for Stretching Soy Sauce in Canada” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.9  “Japanese Canadian Fishermen’s Assn Contributions” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.12  “The Japanese Weapon in the Strawberry King Competition” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.13  “A Christmas Tale” by Tom Sando
  • p.15  “Shoji Nishihata: Profile of a JCNM Volunteer” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.17  “I Felt We Had Come a Long Way” by Daniel Pi
  • p.19  “The Legacy of Nakamura Florist” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.23  “Hidden Treasures of the JCNM” by Sean Riley
  • p.24  “Two Views”

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