Volume 16 – 2011

Vol. 16, No. 1 Spring 2011

  • p.2 Store on Powell Street
  • p.3 Quick! Hayaku!
  • p.4 Monogatari: Tales of Powell Street (1920-1942)
  • p.5 Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall
  • p.6 Powell Street and the Japanese Canadian Community
  • p.8 St. Joseph’s Oriental Hospital (1928-1946)
  • p.10 Life on Powell Street (1900-1942)
  • p.12 Back in Powell Street
  • p.16 What Powell Street Means to Me
  • p.21 Delivering Fish Products to Powell Street
  • p.22 Reflections on the Powell Street Festival
  • p.24 Folding Pocket Camera

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Vol. 16, No. 2, Summer 2011

  • p.2 The Royal Visit of 1939 by Bryan Akasawa
  • p.3 Building Community Partnerships by Beth Carter
  • p.4 A Visit to Mio Village and its Canada Immigration Museum by Stan Fukawa
  • p.6 World War II and Kika-nisei by Haruji (Harry) Mizuta
  • p.11 Two Unusual Artifacts!
  • p.12 From Kaslo to New Denver – A Road Trip by Carl Yokota
  • p.14 One Big Hapa Family by Christine Kondo
  • p.15 Jinzaburo Oikawa Descendents Survive Earthquake
    and Tsunami by Stan Fukawa
  • p.16 Growing Up on Salt Spring Island by Raymond Nakamura
  • p.20 “Just Add Shoyu” review by Margaret Lyons
  • p.21 Forever the Vancouver ASAHI Baseball Team!
    by Norifumi Kawahara
  • p.22 The Postwar M.A. Berry Growers Co-op by Stan Fukawa
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

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Vol. 16, No. 3, Fall 2011

  • p.1 Kojiro Ebisuzaki on Grouse Mountain
  • p.2 Ski Season!, by Momoko Ito and Beth Carter
  • p.3 Volunteers Keep the Museum Ticking, by Beth Carter
  • p.4 Background of the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee, by Frank Kamiya
  • p.7 Japanese Canadian Soldiers from Southern Alberta in WWII, by David B. Iwaasa
  • p.12 Asahi Team Honoured with a Plaque, by Beth Carter
  • p.13 In Memorium – James Fukui
  • p.14 Lost in Translation: Attorney Ka-a-bo-o-ru, Supporter of Japanese Canadians, by Stanley Fukawa
  • p.16 Balloon Bombs from Japan, 1945 (in Japanese) by Mr. Suguwara
  • p.22 Just enough, Book review by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.23 Mystery of the missing luck, Book review by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.24 Treasures from the Collections

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