Volume 19 – 2014

Volume 19, No.1, Spring 2014

Spring 2014

  • p.2  “The Final Negotiation” by Cassandra Kobayashi
  • p.3  “POST-REDRESS” by Beth Carter
  • p.4  “A Call for Justice” by Beth Carter
  • p.6  “Fighting for Redress” by Art Miki
  • p.8  “Redress after 25 years” by Tatsuo Kage
  • p.14  “What does Redress mean to you?”
  • p.16  “A Perfect Storm” by Randy Enomoto
  • p.18  “No Japs from the Rockies to the Sea” by Stan Fukawa
  • p.22  “Midge Eulogy” by Karen Kobayashi
  • p.24  “Treasure from the Collections”

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Volume 19, No.2, Summer 2014

NI2014_Summer FINAL

  • p.1 Cover photo – The Consulate of Japan in Vancouver
  • p.2 “The Consulate of Japan in Vancouver” by Rachael Nakamura
  • p.3 “Summer Students help us get the job done!” by Beth Carter
  • p.4 “PARALLEL PATHS” by Consul General Seiji Okada
  • p.10 “Celebrating 125 years of the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver”
  • p.14 “Speaking to My Own” by Terry Watada
  • p.20 “Yesaki Family Chronicles – Part 1″ by Mitsuo Yesaki
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection” by Brett Hyska

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Volume 19, No.3, Fall 2014

  • p.2 Cover photo –  Tim Tamashiro Honours his Grandfather Masuro
  • p.3 “Remembering” by Beth Carter
  • p.4 “Shichi Teikichi: The First to Die” by Kaye Kishibe
  • p.6 “Canadian Japanese Association (Kanada Nipponjin Kai) by Kaye Kishibe
  • p.12 “Lest We Forget 1914-2014″ by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.16 “Saraba…Farewell”
  • p.18 “Private Iizuka: The Union Jack wants YOU…” by Linda Kawamoto Reid
  • p.20 “The Fighting Tenth” by Momoko Ito
  • p.22 “Medicine Hat’s Japanese-Canadian Soldiers” by Robert Bruce Shepard
  • p.24 “Treasures from the Collection” by Scott Owens

Fall 2014 proof_Dec16_MIV4


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