Yamato No Kaze (Winds of Ancient Japan)

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Special Events Hall

Friday, March 13, 2015, 7pm

Cost:  $25/Adults  $20/Students including taxes

International taiko drumming sensation from Japan combines with distinguished Japanese Zither and Flute orchestra to introduce the first concert in this years World Tour called “Yamato no Kaze (Winds of Ancient Japan)” on Friday, March 13th at 7:00 pm at the Nikkei Cultural Centre in Burnaby .

Wadaiko Tokara incorporates arrangements of traditional taiko pieces into its performances led by world-renowned taiko artist, Art Lee. This group creates a powerful positive energy that draws you in and excites your imagination bringing joy and inspiration to your whole being. Touring all over the world, they met up with Ensemble Liberta, one of the most versatile traditional Japanese wind and string ensembles in Japan today.  You’ll be amazed by the diversity of music that they play, creating emotional connections to the audience on many levels.

Be captivated when you feel the awe-inspiring beat of the powerful Odaiko drums from Japan.

Be inspired by the harmonies and cultural fusion of the koto, shakuhachi, double bass, and keyboards.

This production begins here in Canada, then travels throughout Japan and Europe in 2015, and make no mistake, this is a performance you do not want to miss! 

Suzuya Japanese Market
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC

Komatsu Japanese Market