Thank you, FirstMate Pet Foods!

ikebana cans

What are these for? These empty, unused cans, just like the ones you would buy filled with tuna or salmon, are generously donated to us by FirstMate Pet Foods for use in our cultural education programs. We just received a new donation of a few hundred cans from FirstMate for our 2020 programs.

Thanks to FirstMate's support, hundreds of local schoolchildren get to take home their very own ikebana, Japanese-style flower arrangement, after a visit with us. Ikebana is just one of several activities that the Nikkei National Museum offers as part of our field trip program, with support from many dedicated volunteers like ikebana instructor Kaz Takahashi. Local schoolchildren, community seniors’ groups, and visitors from Japan learn about Japanese Canadian history and heritage, and experience Japanese culture through hands-on activities. Thank you so much to all our incredible volunteers and donors who make these programs possible!