Call for Nikkei poems

1877 わたしたちはやってきた
1942 わたしたちは追いやられた
2020 わたしたちはともに生きよう
2100 わたしたちは知る

1877  We arrived
1942  We were expelled
2020  We live together
2100  We come to realize




地元の詩人 高山宙丸が集まった素材をキュレートして、パフォーマンス作品を作り上げ、ギャラリーでライブストリーミングで発表します。画像として後々に楽しんでいただける作品を作ります。詩を提出された方には形に残る記念作品を贈呈させていただきます!












  1. オンライン
  2. 郵送 送り先:
    Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
    Attn: Nichola
    6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC V5E 4M7
  3. 日系センターに直接もってくる(通常業務に復帰後。現在コロナウイルスのため閉館中です。)


NNMCCおよびTasai Collectiveは、不適切と見なされる詩や素材を使用しない権利を有します(人種差別やその他の差別的な言葉や見解、子供に不適切な内容、またはその他の不適当と判断された素材)。


What does Nikkei history, culture, identity mean to you?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, we are encouraging everyone to think about NIKKEI, and be creative.

In collaboration with artist collective Tasai, we are collecting poems as well as a recording of the poem, plus an image.  Local poet Soramaru Takayama from Tasai will curate these components into a contemporary audio visual performance, which will be live streamed from the gallery in June 2020, and will later be available in digital form. Those who submit a poem will receive a copy of all the gathered poems in a curated form.

" By making stuff together Tasai people end up making the most important thing of all, a collaborative community. Friendship through collaboration is both the process and the outcome."  - Steve Frost, founder and Executive Director of The Tasai Foundation

rules and regulations


  • NNMCC is collecting short poems related to anything Nikkei - Nikkei heritage, history, culture, identity.
  • Submit an original, unpublished poem.
  • The word Nikkei may or may not appear in the poem.
  • Poems can be submitted in English or Japanese.
  • Poems must be under 20 words (or 20 Japanese characters). If it's longer, we may only use part of your poem.
  • Please include a sound recording of your poem (MP3 file). If you are unable to make a recording, we can record it for you at the Nikkei Centre once we reopen. We are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please make an appointment with us in advance.
  • Please send a headshot. Or a photo of an item related to the poem.


Submission period is from April 10-May 31, 2020.



Submissions will be accepted online, by mail, and in person (delivered to Nikkei Centre once normal operations resume).

Mailing address:
Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
Attn: Nichola
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC V5E 4M7



Submission is open to all. Minors must have consent of their guardian.



NNMCC and Tasai Collective have the right to not use any poem, image or recording deemed inappropriate due to racist or otherwise discriminatory language or views, content unsuitable for children or other considerations.




締め切り 2020年5月31日



Submission deadline - May 31, 2020