Joyce recommends two cookbooks full of delicious recipes, personal stories and more

About me:

Hello, I'm Joyce Shimokura, an Education Docent volunteer at the NNMCC. I enjoy trying new recipes and am recommending two cook books from Tonari Gumi.

My book recommendation:

The first, Home Away From Home, is full of delicious recipes and tips all accompanied by full page pictures and easy to follow instructions. 

The second, Our Edible Roots, is a book educating the reader on the various vegetables used in Japanese cooking. Personal stories, historic information, gardening tips as well as recipes make this book more than a just a cookbook! 

The bonus to having these two books in your collection is the fact that you will be supporting Tonari Gumi, a most worthwhile organization supporting the Seniors! Both books can be easily purchased in the Nikkei Museum gift store! 

Happy reading and cooking everyone!