Image of Nikkei Centre second floor hallway with Taiken exhibit

Help us complete our Taiken Japanese Canadian Map

Taiken 2022

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre's second floor is getting ready for a refresh! We are re-designing our popular Taiken historical photograph exhibit to be re-launched in 2022.

Image of Nikkei Centre second floor hallway with Taiken exhibit

The new exhibit will include a map of Canada that marks the presence of Japanese Canadians before, during, and after the internment era all over Canada. We want to highlight the regional diversity of the Japanese Canadian experience.

We know the major sites like Powell Street and Steveston, but are looking to include as many Japanese Canadian communities from the pre-war and internment eras as possible, as well as sites with active Japanese Canadian communities today.

Please check our current Google Maps list and, if you know of a site that we've missed, fill out the form below to let us know.

Thank you to our funders:

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