NNMCC COVID-19 Update for January 2022

What to expect when visiting the NNMCC

The BC Government has introduced new restrictions as a result in the rising case numbers. When you visit, please remember:

  • Do not visit when you have symptoms of communicable disease (eg fever or chills, cough, loss of sense of smell or taste, difficulty breathing).
  • Masks are required indoors.
  • Hand-hygiene facilities are available onsite in washrooms and in rooms with sinks. Wash your hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Barriers at the reception desk will remain as part of transition measures.
  • Cleaning protocols - a clean environment is maintained through routine cleaning processes by custodial staff. 
  • Building ventilation is maintained via quarterly maintenance by NNMCC’s HVAC contractor. 

BC Vaccine Card

 NNMCC is following current guidelines available regarding the BC Vaccine Card. Some of our programs are exempt and others are not. We are working with program instructors, tenants, and renters to implement the BC health orders. For any questions or concerns, please send to info@nikkeiplace.org.


No Vaccine Card required

✔️ Entering NNMCC building

✔️ Museum Gallery

✔️ Museum Shop

✔️ Japanese Bookstore

✔️ Farmer's Market

✔️ Agape Church

✔️ Gladstone Japanese School

✔️ Suzuya Market

Vaccine Card Required for Entry

☐ Programs*

☐ Rentals*

☐ Indoor events over 50 people


* Program instructors and rental organizers are responsible for vaccine checks. Some programs will not require proof of vaccination. Contact your program instructor for details.


  • Indoor organized gatherings 50% capacity.
  • Outdoor organized gatherings 5,000 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater
  • No capacity limits or restrictions on religious gatherings and worship services if all participants are vaccinated as determined by the worship service leader. If participants are not all vaccinated, worship services and choirs are limited to 50% seated capacity.


  • Please contact the program leader or instructor to determine whether the program is running.