Photo of Studio Brewing facade. A two story building painted with a white tent with benches outside.

NNMCC membership program – featured partner Studio Brewing

Support us by becoming a member

Did you know that local Burnaby businesses support the NNMCC membership benefit program? Studio Brewing, a microbrewery in South Burnaby, joined NNMCC’s membership program in 2022. When you join or renew your NNMCC membership you will receive a ‘beer on the house’ voucher. You can also request a brewery tour (booking required)! Studio Brewing is a 5-minute walk from Royal Oak Station, and a 15-minute walk from Nikkei Centre along the Highland Park Line Trail at 5792 Beresford Street.

Membership gives you free admission to events such as the upcoming O-Hanami Festival on April 1, as well as year-round free admission to the Karasawa gallery, 10% off at the Museum Shop and more.

Sign up or renew your membership online today.





NNMCCの会員証は他のビジネスでも役立つことをご存知でしょうか?バーナビーのマイクロブルワリーStudio Brewingは2022年に当館の会員プログラムに参加。メンバーシップを更新される時や新しく会員になられる方にはビール券をプレゼントいたします。ブルワリー見学に申し込む事もできます。会員になられた際にはぜひStudio Brewingにお出かけください。ロイヤルオーク・ステーションから徒歩5分。日系センター裏の遊歩道より徒歩15分。

Studio Brewing, 5792 Beresford Street