Join our Volunteer Ambassador team

We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about Japanese Canadian history and Japanese culture to join our Volunteer Ambassador team. As a Volunteer Ambassador, you will welcome guests, provide them with visitor information, have the opportunity to meet new people, learn about Nikkei history and Japanese culture, and develop customer service skills. You can apply online or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ritsue Kasai, at [email protected]



日系センターを盛り上げコミュニティが集う場所づくりを一緒にしませんか。日系人の歴史や当館の活動に興味があり情熱をもって活動していただける方を募集。英語が堪能で平日長期的にボランティアできる方希望。詳細はウェブサイトをご覧いただくか、ボランティアコーディネーターの律江までご連絡ください。 [email protected]