Mural to be installed at Nikkei Centre by Artist Taka Sudo

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre proudly announces the launch of a wall mural project by Japanese artist Taka Sudo. The mural, located on the east exterior wall of Nikkei Centre, marks a transformative addition to the cultural landscape of Burnaby.

Celebrating Art and Culture

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre has long been a hub for celebrating Japanese arts and culture. Situated in Burnaby, the centre is a place where the richness of Japanese heritage is shared with the public. In a significant step toward enhancing its presence, the Centre commissioned Taka Sudo to create a stunning mural that not only showcases his artistic brilliance but also reinforces the centre’s cultural identity.

Engaging Symbolism and Design

Taka Sudo, a highly regarded artist with a diverse portfolio, has masterfully crafted a mural that combines vibrant colours and dynamic imagery. The mural’s focal point is a custom-designed 2-panel Crane, featuring the elegant tanchōzuru Red-Crowned Crane, seigaiha waves symbolizing peace and resilience, and kasumi mist evoking a sense of mystique. This carefully curated design reflects Japanese cultural symbolism, invoking themes of happiness, good luck, family, and longevity.

Promoting Connection and Harmony

The mural holds a deeper significance by fostering a connection between Japanese and Canadian cultures. The Red-Crowned Crane native to Kushiro Japan, Burnaby’s sister city, is a symbol of the marshes and a revered figure in Ainu traditions. This representation underlines the bond between the two nations and celebrates their shared values.

Community Collaboration and Support

The Nikkei Centre’s mural project has received support from various sources. The Province of BC’s Fairs, Festivals and Events initiative, the BC Arts Council, and Canadian Heritage’s Building Communities Through Arts & Culture program have all rallied behind this endeavour, recognizing its potential to enrich the cultural fabric of the city.

An Invitation to Experience

The Nikkei Centre welcomes residents to witness the creation of this mural. Taka Sudo will be live painting during the Zenyasai Beer Garden event on September 1, 5pm-10pm, as well as during Nikkei Matsuri festival on September 2 & 3, 11am-7pm. 

Artist Statement

The piece embraces a mixing of both urban elements and organic elements. Scattered abstract elements composed of neon colour and neutral colour assemble into organic shapes of Japanese cranes. As cranes are a popular motif in the Japanese traditional art scene, I’m making cranes with modern-western style to represent a collaboration of Japanese culture and Canadian culture, also both traditional culture and modern culture. Various colours of abstract shapes are the representation of different cultures that make up the shapes of cranes to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada. YOHAKU (negative space, blank space) is a significant element in Japanese aesthetics. YOHAKU also creates a neutral space where various cultures meet and stay together.

「ネオンカラーや中間色から成る抽象的で都市的な様々なエレメントがオーガニックな鶴の姿を形づくります。 伝統的な日本の芸術において代表的なモチーフの1つである鶴を西洋的モダンスタイルで表現するこ とによる日本とカナダ双方の文化のコラボレーション、また伝統的な文化とモダンカルチャーの共存。 多様なカラーから成る抽象的な要素は文化多様性の象徴であり、多様な要素が鶴のモチーフを形づく ることでカナダの文化多様性を映し出します。 ”余白”は日本の伝統的な美意識における重要な要素であり、また”余白”は多様な文化が交差し共存す るニュートラルなスペースを創り出します。 」

For more information about the artist and the mural, please visit Taka Sudo’s official website and follow him on Instagram.

Supported by Province of BC: Fairs, Festivals and Events + BC Arts Council | Canadian Heritage, Building Communities Through Arts & Culture