Community Heritage Pop-up Exhibit Opens February 6

Visit our community heritage pop-up exhibit, BUILDING COMMUNITY- Japanese Canadian Contributions to Steveston/Richmond during the next five weeks.

In honour of Asian Heritage Month 2023, Kelvin Higo and the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Advisory Committee (SJCCCAC), with the graphic support of Miki Miyano, compiled this photo display for Richmond City Hall capturing over a 100 years of Japanese Canadian contributions to Richmond, BC.

You can see buildings and places that were built by the Japanese Canadian community. For example, they made the first hospital that helped everyone, even when people were separated because of their race. They also built a school that welcomed all kids in Steveston/Richmond.

Funded by the SJCCCAC, these panels intend to promote and preserve the customs, traditions, and history of the Japanese Canadian community in Steveston/Richmond.

BUILDING COMMUNITY- Japanese Canadian Contributions to Steveston/Richmond
At the Karasawa Gallery, Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
February 6, 2024- March 2 9, 2024
Tue-Sat, 10am-5pm
Free admission