Learning At Home

Card game


KimonoPlay online game:  learn about kimono customs by dressing your own kimono doll. Suitable for all ages: recommended 5+

Taiken History Mystery print-at-home card game: follow the lives of real Japanese Canadians through the internment years through this interactive and informative card game. Recommended age 10+


Omoi: Cultural Experiences videos: new video series of Japanese Canadian community members sharing their experiences with Japanese culture. Includes accompanying activity. Suitable for all ages: recommended age 10+

Taiken Video Resources - with worksheets: four Japanese Canadian elders share their experiences before, during, and after the Second World War. Three videos 15-20 minutes in length with accompanying lesson plans and worksheets, and one additional six-minute video. Recommended age 10+

NEW! Interactive - Ask An Elder: watch Aki's story, and submit a question for him to answer!

Nikkei Stories: twenty short (3-5 minute) videos sharing site-specific stories of prewar Japanese Canadian neighbourhoods in Powell Street and Steveston. Includes educational resources.

Ohanashi: Stories of our Elders videos: ten videos of Japanese Canadian elders sharing their life experiences before, during, and after the Second World War. These videos are longer and more in-depth than the Taiken videos, around 30-45 minutes each. Recommended age 10+


Nikkei Images magazine: over 20 years of articles on Japanese Canadian personal, family, and community histories. Recommended age 14+

Nikkei Book Club: check your local library's online offerings or your favourite book retailer for A Chorus of Mushrooms by Hiromi Goto or Mothertalk* by Roy Kiyooka. Read and follow along with discussion questions - you can even leave comments and continue the conversation! Recommended age 14+

*Mothertalk is available in limited quantities from the Nikkei National Museum shop.


Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me podcast: Learn about various topics of interest in Japanese Canadian history and culture. Over 25 episodes, approximately 30 minutes each. Suitable for all ages: recommended 10+

Journeys Education Kit online resources: Oral history clips, teaching guide, lesson plans, and more designed to accompany our Journeys Education Kits in classroom use. Suitable for all ages.


Hastings Park 1942: online exhibit exploring Japanese Canadian incarceration in Hastings Park. Includes lesson plans.

More online exhibits - topics include:

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