Hapa Human Library

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Saturday, November 15, 2-5pm
Free and open to everyone!

We invite you to sit down with a hapa Book for a one-on-one informal conversation.

Are you curious about issues of identity? Do you like to hear new and intriguing stories? Come to the Nikkei National Museum and sit down with a Human Hapa Book to explore hapa identity. Hapa is a person with mixed race heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. You are guaranteed to be inspired and learn something new.

This human library is organized in conjunction with the Kip Fulbeck: part Asian, 100% hapa exhibition now showing at the Nikkei National Museum until January 4, 2015. We invite everyone to participate, but especially hapa of all mixes, parents raising hapa children, and youth exploring their own identity. We also encourage anyone not familiar with the term hapa to take out a Book to learn how mixed race people identify themselves.

Concept of the Human Library

The Human Library promotes community engagement by bringing people with unique life experiences together to have open and honest conversations. "Human Books" represent a host of lifestyles and experiences. Books and Readers have the opportunity to speak personally and in private in a structured, protected space within a limited time.


Book Titles

Human Library

Hapa Human Library

Human Library

Hapa Human Library at Nikkemuse


How to Take Out A Book

Each booking is maximum 25 minutes starting on the hour and the half-hour between 2-5pm. Books are available on a first-come first-served basis on the day. On-the-day registration will open 30 minutes in advance at 1:30pm. Books can also be put on Hold in advance by calling (604.777.7000 ext.109) or email (jcnm@nikkeiplace.org). Advance reservations close at 5pm the day before the event. If you have a Hold please check-in 10 minutes prior to your appointment or your spot will be opened up to another Reader. A Reader can only Take Out one Book at a time to allow access to as many Readers as possible, but you are welcome to Take Out another Book depending on availability on the day.


Reader etiquette

  • The Reader must be respectful in his or her questions and conversation with the Book.
  • The Reader accepts that the Book can quit the conversation if he or she feels that the Reader treats him or her in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner.
  • The loan period is for 25 minutes maximum.
  • The Reader must not record (audio or written), videotape or take pictures of the Book.
  • The Reader is not allowed to ask the Book for personal contact information.
  • The Reader must not seek professional counsel during the conversation.
  • The Human Library is meant for one-on-one conversations.

Download sample questions

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