Ikebana Spring Show 2023

Vancouver Ikebana Association and Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre presents

Ikebana Spring Show 2023

The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging

Sat, May 6, 11am-4pm

Sun, May 7, 10am-3pm

Free admission, donations gratefully accepted.

Four schools of Japanese flower arrangement active in the Metro Vancouver area put on a magnificent display.

Sign up for hands-on workshops to learn basic techniques of Japanese floral design in an easy to understand way.

This year, you can also view a display by the Nikkei Bonsai Society in the lobby.

Four different schools of ikebana will be featured:

IKENOBO –– Demonstrations: May 7 (sun) 12pm, Workshops: May 6 (sat) 11am

Ikenobo is the origin of Ikebana with a history of more than 550 years. The Ikenobo encompasses both on traditional and modern, the two continually interacting to encourage new development in today’s ikebana. No matter big or small, our arrangement carries the Japanese culture and respects the nature. When we sense plant’s unspoken words and silent movements we intensify our impressions through form, a form which becomes ikebana. 

SANGETSU –– Demonstrations: May 6 (sat) 12pm, Workshops: May 6 (sat) 3pm

The Sangetsu School of ikebana was established in 1972 in Atami, Japan. Two parts nature, one part technique is the motto of this school. Arranging naturally is the focus of Sangetsu, as well as four other guidelines which include harmony, arranging quickly, as if painting a picture, and arranging with joy.

SOGETSU –– Demonstrations: May 6 (sat) 2pm, Workshops: May 7 (sun) 11am

The Sogetsu School of ikebana is one of the largest and most modern with its approach to technique, design, materials and outlook. Sogetsu practitioners are encouraged to use their individuality in their arrangements, by looking at their materials with fresh eyes. The connection of humans with nature brings a new life to materials that does not exist in the natural state, and this is the essence of Sogetsu ikebana.

KADO SUMI –– The Kado Sumi School was founded by Reicho Sumi who studied in Japan under the Ikebana master Choka Adachi, Kado Sumi students learn the design concepts of line, form and shape. By arranging floral materials to complement their natural beauty, Kado Sumi demonstrates that a tiny flower or leaf reflects beauty as much as their larger counterparts. The graceful lines, natural shapes and proportions of Kado Sumi arrangements are the creative expression of an appreciation of Nature’s beauty.

Workshops are now sold out.







The Vancouver Ikebana Association promotes the awareness and appreciation of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, through displays, workshops and cultural events in British Columbia.