Film Screening

Saturday, March 3, 2018, 2pm

FACING INJUSTICE: The Relocation of Japanese Canadians to Manitoba

Running time: 52 minutes 
Free admission, please RSVP

Please join us for a free film screening and learn about Japanese Canadian history in Manitoba. This film screening takes part in conjunction with the Beta Vulgaris: The Sugar Beet Projects exhibit.

Through multiple interviews, archival video and images, director Aaron Floresco tells the story of Japanese Canadians in Manitoba coming to terms with a history many tried hard to forget. A story of overcoming indignity and redressing an injustice.

FACING INJUSTICE:日系カナダ人のマニトバ州への移住
参加自由 入場無料
この映画は「Beta Vulgaris展」と連動して行われます。マニトバ州における日系カナダ人の歴史を説明するドキュメンタリーで、自尊心を取り戻し、不公平を正す話でもあります。