Nikkei Mochitsuki | 日系餅つき

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Saturday, December 29 | 10:00am - 3:00pm

End your year with a mighty mochi pounding!

Join us to experience this traditional Japanese new year activity, watch the pros and try our hand at pounding rice to make sticky, gooey, irresistible mochi. The event features traditional mochi pounding demonstration by the Vancouver Japanese Gardener’s Association. It’s great fun for whole family! Come dressed in kimono and festive attire to be immersed in Japanese culture.

10:00am - Doors open
11:00am - Chibi Taiko drumming performance
11:30am - Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association begin Mochi Pounding!
12:00pm - Aikido demonstration by Vancouver Shomonkai Aikido
3:00pm - Mochitsuki finishes

Sponsored by the NNMCC Auxiliary Committee.