Nikkei Designers Market

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Nikkei Designers Market event poster (horizontal)


Sunday, June 12, 2022
Free admission
In conjunction with the Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition and Nikkei Garden Farmers Market.

In Element Designs

With functionality front and centre of every original piece, In Element Designs is the collaboration and life’s work of Seiji and Himali Kuwabara. Their creations are stylish, yet architectural. This husband and wife team share a philosophy that beautiful design should be the perfect combination of art, form and function; transforming interiors into harmonious living spaces. Fusing style from their native Japan seamlessly with Western influences, the Kuwabara team design and build furniture that is long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and truly one-of-a-kind. In Elements Designs custom-makes exclusive, built to order, limited-quantity furniture that uses only minimal and high-quality materials.


We hope that those who encounter Temari will be healed by its soft appearance and touch, and lead a rich life that is round  like Temari.

Ibis Trading Inc.

Ibis trades in Limited Production handmade goods imported from Kyoto, and other areas of Japan. We keep an eye on quality, and historical significance, with our partners across the Pacific.

Muffin Man Prints & Greetings

Muffin Man prints and greetings are designed and printed in Canada by illustrator and graphic designer Danielle Jette — an Emily Carr graduate who lives and works in Vancouver BC. Inspired by everyday spaces and objects Danielle loves to experiment with colour, texture and pattern.

FLO Design Co.

FLO Design Co. creates unique, handcrafted jewelry with an organic modern aesthetic. Collections are limited edition and one of a kind. Recently seen in British Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller magazines.

Ferrona Furniture

Founded by Peter McLean in 2021, a made-to-order furniture company in Vancouver. Balancing old-school and new-school joinery techniques, Ferrona crafts informed, collectible furniture that’s made to last. Designed from a narrative standpoint, Ferrona is, at its heart, a reflection of growing up on a rural farm in the Canadian Maritimes. All pieces have in some way incorporated references from daily life in the fields, forests, and barns that Peter grew up surrounded by.

The Batik Library

Bernarda Antony has worked with Indonesian batik since her first collection. Through these traditional motifs, she incorporates legends and folklore into her elegant designs and maintains a connection to her home.


Issey is a cabinetmaker and finisher originally from Phoenix, AZ. Issey started off in landscape and garden construction, gaining rudimentary knowledge of woodworking and exterior finishes by building gardens, fences and gates, eventually moving to Portland, OR where he restored and finished custom furniture for two years. Issey now resides in Vancouver, BC and is working towards completing his red seal in joinery. He works full-time as a cabinetmaker.

Sophie Bouy Ceramics

I love making objects that bring joy to people using them everyday. Because of my background in industrial design, I enjoy designing and making functional ceramic objects. At the moment I am focusing on making slipcast ceramic. I enjoy the methodical process and all the possibilities it offers.

Bower Fibre Goods

Stepping into the maker world in 2018 with thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted shopping totes and soft cases made with select natural fibres. The evolution of my design philosophy has shifted towards sustainable, zero waste goods through my Kind Cloth line including paper towel alternatives. Earth friendly, useful and practical everyday solutions. Crafted with care in Vancouver, BC.

Furoshiki from Kyoto

MUSUBI is a furoshiki brand based in Kyoto. We bring you a selection of their designs in modern and traditional prints and patterns. Click here for video instructions on using furoshiki in a variety of ways, as shoulder bags, lunch bags, book covers, wine bags, and more.

Chusen Tenugui Towels

These colourful tenugui are mede with a traditional dying technique called Chusen by talented craftspeople. The dye penetrates the fabric and makes the back and front both have the same clear pattern. Some colours mix and merge during the dying process and create unique effects. Made in Japan by MIYAMOTO Co., Ltd.  @jikanstyle