Mochitsuki | もちつき

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Nikkei Mochitsuki もちつき

Thursday, December 29 | 11am - 3pm | FREE Admission

Mochitsuki (or 'mochi pounding') is returning to the Nikkei Centre this year! A traditional New Years and year-end activity, mochitsuki is when the community comes together to make glutinous rice cakes the old-fashioned way: with a hollowed-out tree trunk and wooden mallet.

Whether mochitsuki is a tradition in your own family, or you're completely new to Japanese cultural experiences, we invite the public to come join in this experience together. Watch the pros hammer away, and try your out your own hand at turning rice into sticky, gooey, irresistible mochi. The event features a demonstration by the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association.

It’s great fun for the whole family! More details to follow.


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Presented in collaboration with the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association and NNMCC Auxiliary.