O Hanami | お花見

Friday, April 5  6pm-10pm 
O Hanami Eve  前夜祭

Saturday, April 6  11am-4pm
O Hanami  お花見 


Come and celebrate spring in style at Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre and enjoy what “O Hanami | お花見” has to offer!

O Hanami is the Japanese tradition of welcoming spring and enjoying the transient beauty of cherry flowers. This annual celebration at the Nikkei Centre is all about appreciating the beauty of nature and having fun!


Yurie Hoyoyon, a multi-talented and Nikkei TV reporter, will be MCing throughout the 2-day celebration! マルチタレントのほよよんゆりえさんが春のお祭りを盛り上げてくれます🌸🌸



O Hanami Eve 前夜祭 | Friday, April 5 | 6pm-10pm | Free admission | 19+

Opening – 6:15pm


DJ, Rennie Foster is onsite to keep the fun night going! He lived ten years in Tokyo, DJing and during his time in Japan, he was voted into the top 50 DJs in Japan by the LOUD Magazine readership. 人気のダンサー今夢子さんとのコラボ作品、日系センターで撮影した“VISTA”にも注目!



Art of Bonsai – 6:30pm

The Nikkei Bonsai Society will demonstrate and discuss the art of bonsai.

Kimono Demonstration + Procession – 7:00pm

Learn about a variety of types of kimono worn by men, maiko, and oiran in the past. Emerging in the Edo (1603-1868) and ending in 1958, the oiran (courtesans) were distinguished by their beauty, skills in art, and education. Cultural aspects of oiran traditions are preserved in order to retain the knowledge of this historical practice. Find out more about kimono clothing traditions from simple to the most elaborate, and witness the rare opportunity to see this style of kimono demonstration and the courtesan procession. The kimono dressing demonstration will be presented by Fumiko Horan, a kimono consultant for the new season of “The Terror”! 日本でもお目にかかることがない花魁道中、お楽しみください🌸

Chigiri-e Craft with Yoriko – 8:00pm

Join Yoriko in creating beautiful lanterns using the traditional paper art technique of Chigiri-e. Sign-up at the Cashier to participate.

Taiken guided tour – 8:30pm

Learn about the history and life of Nikkei (people of Japanese descent) in Canada with us. 朝日イヤーの今年、日系の歴史を振り返ることのできるこの機会にぜひご参加ください。ツアー20分から30分 − 無料

Performance by Soramaru – 9:00pm


Soramaru, a favourite local poet will present a spring themed performance.言わずとも知れた当地で有名な詩人、そらまるさんのパフォーマンス。お楽しみに!                  



Meditation workshop by Zen Centre of Vancouver – 9:30pm 

Eshin Osho of the Zen Centre of Vancouver will talk about how Zen spreads and transforms itself to help this modern busy world, and will also cover a short meditation session. 〆はこれ。穏やかな週末が過ごせそうですね。

Nikkei Izakaya – open on Friday 6pm to 10pm only!

It will also be a night to enjoy Izakaya (Japanese pub) food at the Nikkei Centre, with classic examples being oden, yakitori, edamame, gyoza, kushiage and sushi. In addition, there will be sake, beer, and wine. 居酒屋メニューとり揃えてお待ちしております。

Izakaya vendors: Shikisai, Wakwak Burger, nana’s green tea, Artisan Sake Maker, and NNMCC


O Hanami お花見 | Saturday, April 6 | 11am-4pm | All ages welcome!

$3 admission and free for NNMCC members & children 4 and under

Performance/Demonstration | プログラム

Opening ceremony by Sam George – 11:10am

Taiko by Chibi Taiko – 11:20am

Karate demonstration by Nikkei Karate Kids– 11:50am

Hula dance by Wailele Wai Wai – 12:20pm

Aikido demonstration by Shomonkai – 12:50

Judo demonstration by Ishikawa Family Judo – 1:20pm

Ashley Pater from Nikkei Matsuri Talent Search 2018 – 2:00pm

Iaido demonstration by Shinbukan – 2:20pm

Japanese traditional dance by Satsuki-kai – 2:50pm

Taiko by Vancouver Okinawa Taiko – 3:20pm

Tea Ceremony: ICHI-GO ICHI-E | 一期一会

Come and enjoy the art of tea and a special ceremony, ICHI-GO ICHI-E | 一期一会, and celebrate the beauty of Japanese culture! ICHI-GO ICHI-E (一期一会), a cultural concept meaning the treasuring of the unrepeatable nature of a moment, will be performed by the Urasenke Tankokai Vancouver Association with grace and beauty. There will be live koto music by Kotonone-kai.

Ceremonies at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

General tickets $8 non-members | $6 members – please present your membership card at the tea ceremony reception

Tickets available online until the online portion is sold out. Limited tickets are also available at the door on the day of the event.

Kimono Dressing | 着物着付け

Wouldn’t it be a fun experience to wander about wearing a beautiful and traditional kimono? You will get to wear a kimono chosen and dressed by experts from Satsuki-kai. 

For more information or reservations, contact 604.777.7000 or info@nikkeiplace.org!

Bonsai and Ikebana Displays | 盆栽・生け花展示

Explore the beauty of Japan through bonsai and ikebana. Beautiful Bonsai trees will be displayed, offering an exceptional opportunity to view the wide variety of trees cared for by members of the Nikkei Bonsai Society. Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, will be presented by Kado-Sumi Ikenaba.

Museum Room | ミュージアムルーム

Explore the treasures from the Nikkei National Museum collection during the event! Open on Friday and Saturday.

Relaxation Room | 癒しの部屋

Welcome to the relaxation room! The Sage Lymph Care/Aroma Hand Massage room will be open on Saturday, April 6 during O Hanami!

The Sage Lymph Care Method was developed through the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder by Dr. Sage Sato. This technique loosens up the body without pushing, pulling or applying any pressure to the muscles, and promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid within the system.

Would you like to go for toning and lifting up of facial features with the Sage method or go for some aroma hand massage? Come and book a spot onsite!

Photo Booth | フォトブース

Don’t let your good memories fade away! With fun, spring-like, Japanese props, what you can create is endless! Stop by and enjoy the photo booth at O Hanami! 

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