Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Workshop

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This Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Workshop is half lecture and half hands-on. Each theme explores a different aspect of the arts, culture, and history of tea ceremony.

Beginners welcome. Ages 15+. Participation fee: $35/$28 (NNMCC members). Please bring a pair of white socks. Do not wear jeans or miniskirts. Location: Nikkei Centre tatami room (second floor).

Recent topics

Sunday, December 15, 2019 1pm-4pm | 1215日(日)午後1時~午後4

All About Koicha - “Thick tea” Matcha

Koicha, literally “thick tea,” is the main feature of a private, formal tea gathering, or chaji. It is prepared much stronger than regular matcha (usucha) and is usually shared among the guests. Only the highest grades of tea made from the very first budding leaves of the tea plant are used in the preparation of koicha since any bitterness of the lower-grade teas is heightened when prepared in this way. For the December workshop, we will sample high-grade koicha tea and learn about the more formal style of preparation and utensils involved in serving it.



表千家 茶道ワークショップ 

様々なテーマと共に芸術や文化、歴史など異なる視点から楽しむ表千家 茶道ワークショプ。

参加費:$35 /$28 (会員)持ち物:白靴下(ジーンズ・ミニスカート不可)場所 :日系センター2F畳ルーム(15歳〜 / 初参加・未経験の方も大歓迎!!)*ワークショッップは英語での開催となります