Fumi Tamagi (nee Moriyama) and three others picking sugar beets in Shaughnessy, Alberta, ca. 1943 NNM 2000.15.3

Alberta Sugar Beets Bus Tour

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Four days: October 8-11, 2019

Fumi Tamagi (nee Moriyama) and three others picking sugar beets in Shaughnessy, Alberta, ca. 1943 NNM 2000.15.3


Four days: October 8-11, 2019  (+ 1 day optional)

Visit Southern Alberta communities where Japanese Canadians were forcibly removed to during the Second World War; an opportunity to witness current sugar beet harvesting and experience what it was like in 1942; visit the Taber sugar factory to see how sugar beets are transformed into sugar, and meet with local Japanese Canadians.  In Lethbridge we visit the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden established during Canada’s Centennial in 1967, Hardieville where early Japanese immigrants settled to work in the mines, and the Galt Museum where Japanese Canadian history is on display. The Raymond  Buddhist Church was the oldest continuously used Buddhist shrine in Canada until it closed in 2006. We stay at the Heritage Inn in Taber, established by Richard Kanegawa, a rancher, potato and sugar beet farmer who dreamt of providing smaller rural communities with full-service hotels. We visit a working sugar beet farm to see how sugar beets used to be harvested.

Organized by the Nikkei National Museum with tour guide David Iwaasa (born in Southern Alberta, author of history of the Japanese Canadians in Southern Alberta; Chair of the Japanese Community Volunteers Association "Tonari Gumi" in Vancouver).

We welcome everyone interested to join. The tour will be both educational and enjoyable, with a wealth of great information, including slideshows and Nikkei films during the bus ride, as well as comfortable accommodations, and good food.

Two nights at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge Hotel, one night at Heritage Inn, Taber.

Optional additional night (October 7) in Calgary with community dinner the night before the tour begins.

Application period June 1-August 10. Minimum 35, maximum 50 guests.

Fee: $700 each for two people sharing a room. $900 single room. Includes tax, meals, three nights accommodations, guided tours, transportation from Calgary and back. $300 deposit due August 10; balance due September 10. If you are a Lethbridge area resident and wish to join the tour, please inquire about accommodation deductions.

October 8, 10:30am board bus at Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Calgary. Visit Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens. Stay at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge Hotel.
October 9, Visit the Galt Museum and tour Raymond. Second night at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge Hotel.
October 10, Drive through Hardieville, visit Picture Butte, sugar beet farm, and Taber Sugar Factory. Stay at Heritage Inn in Taber.
October 11, Visit another sugar beet farm and potato processing plant, and depart around noon. Bus drops off people at Lethbridge, and Calgary International Airport (ETA 3pm).



4日間:2019108日〜11(+ 1日はオプショナル)

第二次世界大戦中に日系カナダ人が南アルバータ州へ強制移動させられた町を訪問します。現在と1942年のテンサイ農業の比較、文化施設やテンサイから砂糖が作られる工場見学、地元の日系カナダ人と触れ合う機会です。レスブリッジでは、初期の日本人移民が鉱山で働くために住んだ地区、1967年に設立された日加友好日本庭園と、そして日系カナダ人の歴史が展示されているGalt Museumを訪れます。レイモンド仏教会は、2006年に閉鎖されるまで、カナダで最も古い仏教寺院でした。テーバーでは、日系人が農村部でも都市なみのホテル施設を夢見て建てたホテルに宿泊します。農場を訪問し、テンサイがどのように収穫されていたか見学します。



Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge Hotelで2泊、テーバーのヘリテージインで1泊。