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Kami-Ito and Shifu by Sabrina Sachiko Niebler

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Kami-ito and Shifu demo by Sabrina Sachiko Niebler
paper thread

An informative and insightful look into an old world practice.

The making of kami-ito (paper thread) and shifu (paper cloth) is a time honoured Japanese process which involves a deep appreciation for handwork. During this demo, Sabrina Sachiko Niebler (Sachi) will share about the history of this tradition and her journey of exploration with it. She will detail the process of turning washi into thread and then into cloth, through live demonstrations of paper thread making techniques. An informative and insightful look into an old world practice and how its quiet power can bring meaning, fortitude and inner connection through slow process.

About the Artist

Sachi is a weaver, thread maker, natural dyer, and thoughtful thinker. She loves working with the tactile nature of fibre. Her particular area of interest is in the quiet and precise beauty of making kami-ito (paper thread) and fine shifu (paper cloth).

Held in conjunction with Exhibition
Washi 和紙 connecting cultures, countries, and generations