Tsukuroimono: 繕い物 | Hand sewing workshop

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Fix or revive a personal item to reuse and/or wear in this hand sewing workshop with Yoriko Gillard. Learn several methods of mending and suitable motifs for different types of items. Participants are encouraged to bring their own item to mend (e.g. shirts, pants, socks, groves, hats, bags etc.) and sewing kit*.

This event is free. Please register so we can contact you with further details about the workshop.

*Sewing kits can be purchased for $6 with fabric. Please let us know in advance if this is needed by emailing Yoriko at ygillard [at] nikkeiplace [dot] org. Payment can be made the day of with cash.


From Yoriko:

Tsukuroimono: 繕い物 is a Japanese word for "mending items" in English. The items could be old clothes and anything made in fabric. This practice has been particularly favoured in Japan in order not to waste mendable items as well as be creative. I also heard many stories of Japanese Canadian people who took care of their clothes and anything mendable by hand at internment sites and these stories brought me back warm memories in my past. I grew up in Japan watching my mother, father and my grandmother often mending old wearable items and adjusting some clothes that were too big for me. Through this Tsukuroimono: 繕い物 workshop, I would like to connect with many stories of mending that people have experienced physically and mentally in the past. Please bring any mendable items to the workshop!

Mending Past

there is a hole
in our history
makes us cold
yet mendable
past connects
to present
let us mend
with tears
to lend
--Yoriko Gillard