January 13 - March 24, 2012

Design Excellence in Japanese Daily Life


TENUGUI are towels made of bleached cotton, approximately 34 cm wide and 90 cm in length. The word literally means “a hand-wiping cloth.” Tenugui were used for a remarkable number of purposes not only for wiping and cleaning, but also for wrapping and wearing, and even as advertising tools.
To meet the various needs of special occasions throughout the four seasons and the individual personalities of each owner, the Japanese developed a wide range of designs on the surface of the cloth. Some are elaborate while others are transparently simple. With over two hundred towels on display, this colourful exhibition demonstrates the endless creativity in Tenugui.
Co-presented by The Japan Foundation. Presented in association with Kamawanu Co. Ltd., Tokyo.
Sponsored by Kikori Japanese Antiques, The Deux Mille Foundation, and Listel Hotel.
Media sponsor: Vancouver Shinpo

Public Programs
Free admission. Everyone is welcome.

Friday, January 13, 11am-5pm
Tenugui sale

Saturday, January 14, 2pm
Talk by Mr. Kazuhiro Kato of Kamawanu Company

Saturday, Janaury 14, 4-6pm
Opening reception and Tenugui sale