Nikkei Centre Japanese Book Store | 日系ブックストア


Located on the 2nd Floor at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre near Gladstone Language School.
This bookstore is staffed by all volunteers, operation hours are subject to change without any notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Hours of Operation
午前11時から午後3時 | 11am-3pm

火曜日 | Tuesday  

木曜日 | Thursday

金曜日 | Friday

土曜日 | Saturday


We are now accepting book donations during the bookstore's operation hours at the bookstore. (located in the Nikkei Centre on the 2nd floor)

Due to Covid19 health and safety concerns and increasing book donations, the Nikkei Used Bookstore has launched new book donations regulations.


  • カバーのないハードカバーと文庫本
  • ページが黄ばんでいるものや痛んでいるもの
  • カセットテープ/ビデオテープ
  • 出版1年以上経った雑誌


Books can not be accepted: Coverless books, yellowed or marked, audio cassettes, VCR cassettes and magazines that are older than a year old from their publication.


Due to our limited storage space, we are now screening the books that we receive. Please help us by selecting books before you bring them in.

These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice or until amended.


本の整理、店番をしてくれるボランティアさんも募集中です。問い合わせは、 volunteer.nikkeiplace[at]gmail.comまで。
If you are interested in volunteering with the Japanese Books Store, please email volunteer.nikkeiplace[at] or learn more about volunteering with the Nikkei Centre here.