Nikkei Centre Japanese Book Store | 日系ブックストア


Located on the 2nd Floor at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre near Gladstone Language School.
Hours of Operation

金曜日 | Fridays 午前11時から午後3時 | 11am-3pm

土曜日 | Saturdays 午前11時から午後3時 | 11am-3pm




This bookstore is staffed by all volunteers, operation hours are subject to change without any notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Donations of second-hand Japanese books are always welcome. Please drop off your books at the Nikkei Centre Information Desk.
本の整理、店番をしてくれるボランティアさんも募集中です。問い合わせは、 book.nikkei[at]gmail.comまで。
If you are interested in volunteering with the Japanese Books Store, please email book.nikkei[at] or learn more about volunteering with the Nikkei Centre here.