Nikkei Japanese Bookstore | 日系ブックストア


Visit the bookstore on the 2nd floor of Nikkei Centre next to the Gladstone Japanese Language School.

営業時間 Hours of Operation

午前11時から午後3時 | 11am-3pm

火曜日 | Tuesday  

木曜日 | Thursday

金曜日 | Friday

土曜日 | Saturday

Closed Wednesday, Sunday, Monday. 休み:水日月


This bookstore is operated by volunteers. Hours are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

本のドネーション How to donate books





  • カバーのないハードカバーと文庫本
  • ページが黄ばんでいるものや痛んでいるもの
  • カセットテープ/ビデオテープ
  • 出版より1年以上経った雑誌



We accept book donations during bookstore operation hours directly at the bookstore (not at reception).

We do not accept the following items:

  • books missing covers
  • yellowed or marked books
  • audio/VCR cassettes
  • magazines over one year old

We may decline your donation due to our limited storage space. Please screen your books before bringing them in. Thank you.

ボランティア募集 Volunteer

本の整理、店番をしてくれるボランティアさんも募集中です。問い合わせは、 [email protected]まで。
If you are interested in volunteering with the Nikkei Japanese Bookstore, please email [email protected] or learn more about volunteering with the Nikkei Centre here.