Episode 9 – Registration Cards

Lillie R Hamaguchi
Lily (Reiko) (nee Hamaguchi) Yano's Registration Card, front .
NNM 2013.57 

SJCTM - 9 - Registration Cards

In March, 1941, the RCMP, under the orders of Prime Minister King, began registering Japanese and Japanese Canadians.  Afterwards all people above the age of sixteen carried registration cards with them at all times.  But wait this was nine months before Pearl Harbour?!  Join Raymond and Alexis as they talk about the what, why and how of registration cards.

Lily Hamaguchi back
Lily (Reiko) (nee Hamaguchi) Yano's Registration Card, back .
NNM 2013.57 

Produced and Hosted by Raymond Nakamura and Alexis Jensen

Music by Aiko Saita


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