Aizome Indigo Dye Workshop


Nichola Ogiwara・荻原にこら



Date & Time

August 20, 2019


Fee & Registration

Per session: $25/$20 members (tax and fees included)

Ages 14+

非会員:$25 / 会員:$20


Online registration opens June 20

Program Description

This workshop is suited for beginners. We try to offer this workshop every other month.

Staff will provide guidance and a variety of supplies for tying fabrics. You are also welcome to bring in a piece ready for dyeing. You may dye 200 grams of fabric. A t-shirt, scarf, or a tote bag are good choices. Types of fabric you can dye are cotton, silk, hemp, ramic, rayon, and linen.

You may start working anytime after 11am for tying. The dyeing station is open from 1pm-3pm. The time you will need for tying and dying will depend on the complexity of your design. A few ties will only take a few minutes, while complex designs can take hours. The time for dyeing will depend on how dark you would like your piece to be. Please allow at least one hour from start to end.

Please bring rubber gloves and fabric you would like to dye.
Maximum 8 participants.

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What should I bring into the event?

White fabric (cotton, silk, hemp, ramic, rayon, and linen), under 200 grams.
Rubber gloves.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email | or call 604.777.7000 ext.109.