Kengido class: Two men duel each other with boken before an audience of students

Kengido – Learn Japanese Swordplay 剱伎道


Yusei Uchida of Samurai Artist Kamui troupe


Date & Time

Sunday, August 4, 2024

Beginner: 1:00PM-2:30PM
Intermediate: 3:30PM-5:00PM

Fee & Registration

Starting from $20 (+GST) per person

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Combine traditional Samurai sword training (Kenjutsu) with the beauty of form.

KENGIDO blends martial arts, specifically swordplay, with traditional Japanese stage performances, forming an innovative and distinctive discipline rooted in tradition.

Developed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, a renowned martial artist, actor, and choreographer known for his work on KILL BILL VOL 1 and as the founder of the Samurai Artist KAMUI group.

KAMUI dojos are located in Japan (Tokyo, Saitama, Fukushima) and internationally in Italy (Florence, Palermo), Czech Republic (Tuhán, Prague), and the UK (London).

Kengido I (Beginner)

Fee: $20 (+ GST and fees)

You will learn basic etiquette, greetings, how to hold the sword properly, correct posture, and suburi (sword swings). Ideal for beginners or those who would like to cement their foundational knowledge.

  • Introduction
  • Etiquette when holding a sword
  • Basic form (Kata)
  • Ten-Chi (Heaven and Earth)
  • Practice various movements such as drawing and sheathing the sword; sequences.

Kengido II (Intermediate)

Fee: $25 (+ GST and fees)

For previous Kengido students or those who have practiced swordplay before. Train with peers in a faster-paced environment and learn more complicated techniques.

You may borrow a sword at these workshops or bring your own.

About the Instructor

Close-up portrait of Yuusei Uchida, a young Japanese man intensely holding a katana

Yusei Uchida

Yusei started practicing Kengido at the age of 8 under Tetsuro Shimaguchi. Having achieved the qualification of a brown belt, Yusei is the youngest Kengido instructor, and spreads Kengido while studying at a high school in Vancouver. Yusei has experience performing in Finland, Russia, Italy, UAE, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, and more, and continues to travel the world with the Samurai Artist KAMUI group.