Kizuna: Japanese Culture


Yoriko Gillard



Date & Time

Saturdays, 11am-12:15pm

Fee & Registration

$20 per session or $80 for 6-session flex card

20% discount for NNMCC members

Register at NNMCC info desk, by phone at 604.777.7000, or online

First class of each month: 2 for 1 - bring a friend for free!

Program Description

Learn to communicate and express yourself in Japanese in a friendly and stimulating environment. All levels, including beginners, welcome! Instead of concentrating on grammar and memorization, Kizuna classes focus on expression and connection to build positive relationships through respect and understanding for Japanese culture.

Kizuna is a Japanese word meaning "affectionate and respectful relationships". In addition to weekly language classes, check back here for occasional art workshops that follow the Kizuna theme.

About Yoriko
Yoriko is an artist, poet, researcher, and teacher. She is trying to connect with people in the Kizuna way, which she defines as "respectful, affectionate, and trustful reciprocal relationships". 絆 (きずな: Kizuna) is a Japanese cultural concept which connotes a strong feeling of belonging to one’s communities, people, lands, and nature. The concept is well known in Japan especially since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the country in March 11, 2011. Yoriko says, "I am learning to be an educational storyteller using every creative skill I learned since my childhood that allows me to connect with other people especially those in pain...I wish my sincere contemplation in service of society can be a poetic reflection of who I am becoming in each step of my life."

For more information, contact: ygillard.nikkeiplace[at]