Shogi piece in focus on board

Shogi Meetups


Canada Shogi Club


Date & Time

Starting in June 2024, First and third Saturday of the month

10AM-12PM (can extend)


Fee & Registration

Free for NNMCC Members

$5 drop-in (2F Tsubaki Room)

Stretch your brain and make friends with the classic Japanese strategy game: Shogi.

Shogi is the earliest form of chess in history, and the popular mind sport endures today. Challenge someone to a battle of the minds, but be warned - it won't be a walk in the park! Luckily, the enthusiastic folks behind Canada Shogi Club will be there to help you get started in this interesting new hobby. Impress your friends, family, loved ones - and start playing Shogi today.

Instruction is available in both English and Japanese. Shogi is appropriate for all ages, young and old.

The program begins at 10 AM and is scheduled to conclude at 12 PM. However, if participants wish to continue it can be extended until 12:30 PM or further. Latecomers, don't be shy!

The program is FREE for NNMCC Members. $5 drop-in admission per person for general entry.




開催日時 : 2024年6月より第一と第三土曜日、午前10時から正午12時ごろまで

参加費 : 一般 $5 / NNMCCメンバー 無料

About the Instructor

Haruka and Yuta from Canada Shogi Club

Canada Shogi Club

Canada Shogi Club was established in 2018 and is officially registered with Japan Shogi Association (Canada Shogi Branch) in Japan. They promote Shogi (Japanese Chess) culture in Canada, which includes hosting workshops/programs at Nikkei Centre, monthly meetups, and participating in national/international tournaments.