Resilience Fundraiser

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre needs your support to continue serving the community, and fulfill our mission to:

honour, preserve and share Japanese culture and Japanese Canadian history and heritage for a better Canada.

We started 2020 with big plans — to bring the community together in celebrating the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC) 20-year anniversary. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of our facility in mid-March. With our gradual re-opening beginning June 2, we face unprecedented financial and operational challenges to our organization, and our ability to serve the community.

You can help protect our community’s historical records and family stories.

Our repository houses over 41,000 photographs, 38 meters of textual records, 650 oral history recordings, 156 film reels, and over 2600 objects and artworks to preserve Japanese Canadian history. We deliver creative cultural and community programs, events, exhibits, historical internment camp bus tours, teaching material to compliment the BC Curriculum, and connections to people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.

As the NNMCC re-opens following Phase 2 and 3 provincial guidelines, our regular lifelines of revenue are being significantly affected. Venue rentals, events, public and school programs will not be the same, and we are facing significant challenges to fulfilling our mission and honouring our commitment to the Japanese Canadian community. 

Over the past 20 years and more, the NNMCC has been supported by the generous contributions from countless individuals, families and business organizations. We rely on annual community fundraising events to raise significant operating funds to fulfill our mission. Given that we are unable to host these events in the usual way this year due to the prohibition of large gatherings as result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking for your continued financial support now to secure the future of the NNMCC.

Your gift today can have double the impact! Donate now and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000.

Through a special matching-gift challenge from a generous group of donors, donations we receive from now until September 22, 2020 (our official anniversary date) for the NNMCC's Resilience Fundraiser will double dollar for dollar up to a total of $100,000. Please consider making a donation and help us reach our goal to raise $250,000 for essential operational funding. 

Download Donation Form PDF - Return via email to kgoshinmon[at] or in-person at Nikkei Centre Reception, Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

We are thankful to all our donors for supporting our fundraiser! View our donor list here.

Thank you to our donors!

List updated as of October 14, 2020

Anonymous (6)
Miwako Aoki
Connie Ball
Yasuhiko & Bando
Joseph & Danielle Cantafio
Marnie Carter
Ruth and Michael Coles
Dean & Ayumi Dalke
Jennie Dong
Kaoru Dubitz
Cameron Dustin
Elaine Englar
Randy & Lynn Enomoto
Svetlana Ershov
Fortis BC Energy Inc.
Joseph Fry
Katsuyo Fujishima
Lynn & Kyle Gardiner
Kiyokazu Godo
Yoshiko Godo
Akiko Gomyo
Roy Hamaguchi
Mutsumi Hamakawa
Yoshiharu Hashimoto
Mitsuo Hayashi
Miki & Miyako Hirai
Emily Hirai
Ayumi Hirose
George & Elaine Homma
Reiko Cheryl Honkawa
Naoto & Mimi Horita
Toshie Hosonuma
Leslie Ikeda
Kevin & Denise Isomura
Frances Isomura
Hiroshi & Takako Iura
Richard & Maureen Iwanaka
Jim Pike Ltd.
Dr. & Mrs. Donald & Francoise Jinnouchi
Kami Insurance Agencies Ltd.
Edward Kaminishi

Frank & Naomi Kamiya
Art Kanzaki
Yoshiko Karasawa
Stephanie Kawamoto
Sato Kobayashi
Thomas & Kumiko Kobayashi
Bruce Kosugi
Louise Akuzawa & Ronald Kruschen
Reiko Kurushima
Frederick Lackmance
Ryan & Eliza Lang
W. B. Lee
Kim Louie
Wayne & Kaori Lytton
Robert Maruyama
Tom & Yoko Matsuno
Kimi McDiarmid
Ian Miki & Chieko Chijiwa
Patrick T. Miki
Tsuneo & Noriko Miki
Evy Miki
Tsuneko Miki
Nancy Miki & Adam Smith
Kathy Miki
Dr. Patrick & Diane Miki
Wakako Morris
Catherine Nakagawa
Daniel & Rury Nakagawa & Family
Kaori Namiki
Roberta H. Nasu
Janet Nasu
Noriko & Daniel Nasu-Tidball
Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre Auxiliary
Donald Thomas Nishio
Lori North
Carrie Okano
Nancy N. Okano
Herbert Ono & Tara O'Connor
Lui Passaglia
Gwendolyn Kinu Perkins
Linda Kawamoto Reid
Kazuko & Robert Rezansoff

Evelyn Saito
Pat M. Sakai
Tom & Ayako Sakaino
Janet Shimizu
Alan & Betsy Shimokura
Howard Shimokura
Ken & Junko Shinozaki
Mike Sokugawa & Fumiko Horii
Peter & Masako Stillwell
Eddie T. Suguro
Cheryl Suzuki
Debra Suzuki
Kenneth & Rosemarie Takeuchi
Rebecca Talbot
Linda Tan
Michael Tanaka & Yayoi Nagai
June Tanemura
Jack & Tami Tasaka
Charles Tasaka
Carol Tsuyuki & Craig Tomlinson
Joy Tsukishima
Ruth Tsukishima
UBC Student Services-Scheduling
Hayato Ueda
Anibal & Tracey Valente
Henry & Yvonne Wakabayashi
Ryoko Ward
Shino Watanabe
Wing International (Trading) Inc.
James & Donna Wuest
Rickey & Margaret Yada
Fred & Linda Yada
Betty H. Yagai
James Hajime Yamada
Sam Yamamoto
Warren Yamasaki
Beverley T. Yamaura
Chieko Yano
Fred Yasuda
Fukashi & Chiyo Yasui
Carl T. Yokota